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Discussing why skateboarders choose to wear or not to wear helmets while skateboarding. I’ve been skateboarding for 10 years and only ever wore helmets when it was mandatory, I’ve adapted to not wearing one while learning how to properly fall without hitting my head. There will ALWAYS be freak accidents when it comes to skateboarding so I will always advise new skateboarders to wear your helmets until you feel comfortable enough to make the decision to wear a helmet or not. Whats your thoughts on this? Do you wear a helmet? Are you like me and feel very uncomfortable wearing one? Let me know in the comment section and we’ll hear everyone’s side to the story!


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20 comentarios

  1. Benjamin Freeman

    Wow. You're an idiot.

  2. Jake Lukashunas

    Scooter kid enters chat I wear a helmet cause I’m actually smart

  3. 2 words whiplash boy

  4. I was at the hospital today because i slammed my head really fuking hard and it doesn’t stop hurting after 10 minutes it only gets worst. Im gonna wear a helmet every time i try something new now

  5. Most skaters feel like they look dumb with helmets.
    Downhill Longboarders feel like they look dumb without helmets. Me included😞 But luckily I'm getting a helmet this week☺

  6. A helmet saved me from splitting my skull bombing a hill once

  7. Get a triple 8 sweat saver

  8. calling people posers is very stupid as real posers aren't very common, but if you are going to, i think not wearing a helmet to fit in is more poserish than wearing a helmet

  9. it's the opposite for me i feel weird not wearing a helmet but if it's hot out it would be uncomfortable edit: i don't mind not wearing one when i'm doing flat ground though

  10. What’s your choice, looking cool or dying?

  11. TheVirginianBolshevik Ma274867

    Skating vert is the only way I’ll ever voluntary a helmet.

  12. Kelly Patterson

    I grew up skiing without a helmet because it wasn't a big thing back then, but now that I've taken up snowboarding, I wear one and I feel like the transition was smooth, I mean it was no big deal to suddenly wear one. I'd like to think skaters could adjust. Sweating would be a downside, though, I hear him on that.

  13. I take comfort in the fact that Tony Hawk goes full safety, helmet and all the stuff

  14. superalo perro

  15. I dont use a helmet because i dont own one and im broke 🤷‍♂️

  16. Being unsafe is cool wow

  17. Elias Stassinopoulos

    after watching those slams I am going to wear a helmet

  18. SophiaGTV & KaynanGTV

    He’s so skinny

  19. Caps are good too 😕

  20. i wear a helmet and i just took a huge slam and my helmet saved the day so i am shitting on you right now.


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