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Top 10 Basketball Video Games of All-Time!

Our Top 10 Basketball Video Games of All-Time!

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NBA 2K17 Legend Edition

Last year, it was former NBA star Michael Jordan that graced the cover of the most expensive NBA 2K16 bundle gamers could buy. This year, Visual Concepts and 2K Games are honoring Bryant with his own cover. Revealing Bryant as the cover athlete for at least one version of NBA 2K17 makes sense today. The Lakers didn’t make the league playoffs.

Bryant’s likeness will grace NBA 2K17 Legend Edition. Doused in the Lakers’ signature purple accent, the cover features him in three different poses. On the left Bryant is celebrating the Lakers winning an NBA championship. On the right there’s a picture of his formidable jump shot. The center of NBA 2K16 Legend Edition’s cover is dominated by Kobe raising his right hand as if to bid farewell to the sport. 2010 was the last time that Kobe Bryant was featured on the cover of an NBA 2K game.

Like the Michael Jordan Edition before it, NBA 2K17 Legend Edition comes stuffed with some physical and digital extras for hardcore fans of the franchise. Physical items include a limited edition post of Bryant and a Black Mamba controller skin. Buyers also get 2 Panini Kobe trading cards to add to their collectibles stash.

As for digital extras, there’s plenty to be had there too. 30,000 in Virtual Currency is included with NBA 2K17 Legend Edition. A MyTeam Bundle+ includes 3 different backs of MyTeam cards. 2K is guaranteeing that it least one of those packs will include a Free Agent card for Kobe Bryant.

2k17 Extras

2K Games and Visual Concepts are also throwing in some digital extras for players to use on their character. They include Kobe’s 2K X1 shoes, #8 Mitchell & Ness Jersey and a hoodie. NBA 2K17 Legend Edition will cost .99. It’s only coming to gamers on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4.

NBA 2K17 New Features

NBA 2K has always placed a heavy emphasis on a player’s real-life skills and stats. The idea is that the best athletes playing for teams in the real world should be the best athletes in the game. When a gamer is playing a team with Kobe Bryant, it should feel like they’re actually playing against Kobe Bryant, not a computer simulation that only looks like him. Visual Concepts is trying to do a better job of accurately simulating some of the NBA’s top players.

The studio briefly tested some of its work to accurately depict all-stars with a temporary update to NBA 2K16. With the update, players who took shots that Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry would sink in real-life weren’t penalized like they would have been in previous games since those shots are risky for the overwhelming majority of NBA players, according to Forbes. The changes the studio tested with NBA 2K16 seem like a lock for NBA 2K17. Besides a hint at the balancing work, no other features for the game have been confirmed.

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  1. If were talking basketball video games I have to say something if NBA Hangtime isn't mentioned. NBA Hangtime is the best video game that just happens to be themed around Basketball. NBA JAM gets brownie points

  2. Boston Sports Boston Sports

    NBA LIVE 2003
    NBA LIVE 2005
    NBA LIVE 2000
    NBA 2K9
    NBA 2K10
    NBA 2K11

  3. Troydan made me come here

  4. Terrible list in my opinion.

  5. Come on nowwwww!!!! No Arch Rivals No double dibble and that’s like Tecmo Bowl back then for basketball 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Lakers vs Celtics should be on here. And where is Double Drible. That was like the Tecmo Bowl of basketball.

  7. Team USA Basketball was a great game at the time (Sega Genesis)

  8. Better have coach K for SNES, AND Tecmo, and arch rivals

  9. freestyle 2 (with no bugs) im done

  10. Cristina LaNett

    What about COACH K on Sega Genesis, LAKERS VS. CELTICS Sega Genesis, USA BASKETBALL Sega Genesis, NBA IN THE ZONE Playstation 1, JORDAN VS BIRD Nintendo

  11. J The Game Boss

    I love 2k17

  12. nba2k11 the first to introduce Jordan..the world dropped it's jaws when that dropped

  13. Number 1: 100% agree! 🙌🔥

  14. NBA HAngtime

  15. Really no 2K11, 2K14 or 2K15

  16. Anthony Jimenez

    No nba 2k11, No nba live 2005? But nba 2k13… Wtf


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