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Wasatch JS vs L30 Barca – U12 D1 Soccer

Wasatch JS vs L30 Barca - U12 D1 Soccer

UYSA U12 D1 2006 boys regular season game from the Angel street Soccer Complex, Kaysville, Utah. Goals @ 5:04, 6:09, 10:03(PK), 12:23, 14:52, 15:54, 18:30(PK), 20:28
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  1. Carlosgomez Gomez

    Love your video

  2. Gacha Fairy Light Blossom

    I’m looking for number 1 player because I play soccer and I’m number one

  3. We could shash them

  4. Caroline Boissaisgs

    L30 barca???🤔🤨😐😐🤨🤔

  5. Christian George

    they need to go world cup


  7. They only won cause they wanted it more then the white peeps. It's all in the motivation.

  8. TheRealJosee SSR

    I used to play soccer but then I quit but then I saw my mom play today and now I’m joining a team so this video make me get hyped because I’m going to play soon

  9. I hated playing soccer I was never good at it. Although i loved watching other people play it

  10. what camera u use

  11. SOCCER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This is u12 I thought this a lower Uth this is horrible

  13. Watching football is waisting time

  14. Cesar Maldonado

    The players are really good and I love your video soooooo much

  15. Mostafa Kalbi Hossein

    This is a great 👍🏻 game

  16. I love soccer

  17. This is not U12

  18. I need to be honest they all suck all they do is kick the ball to other other person like they don’t even have skills they don’t do any tricks,I can vs all of them

  19. The Barca teams goalie needs to learn to dive. I am a goalie for girl u 12 alliance soccer and I dive all the time. He will really improve if he begins to dive. Take my opinion or not, for I am a 10 year old.

  20. Дневник Нехотеевского футболиста

    кто из России?


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