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Weird Waves Season 1: The Severn Bore (UK) | Surf | VANS

How long is long? On this episode of Weird Waves, Dylan Graves intends to find out. The plan is to meet up with Guinness World Record holder for longest ride on the Severn River, Steve King. Where does Steve find time to surf in between writing critically acclaimed novels? Find out in this latest installment of WEIRD… Waves

Music Credits:
All music written and performed by Dylan Graves and Dave Malcolm
“Weird Waves Theme”
“English Breakfast”
“Mr. Brown”
“Mud Slide”
“Bye Bye Beanie”
“Muddy Brothers”

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Weird Waves Season 1: The Severn Bore (UK) | Surf | VANS
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20 comentarios

  1. 8:378:42 – what's with the giant chickens?

  2. One of the coolest things I've ever seen.

  3. At 11:50, The first time I've ever heard of a huge globalist corporation being referred to as "locals only" 😂😂😂. Hilarious! How times have changed.

  4. Robert Schreckenbach

    10:10 Now that's what you call, 'Cutting It Close' my friends! Damn I was nervous for them, they all fell in the same spot racing down the embankment, Lmao! I'm so hooked on this series right now! Thanks again Vans for producing some great material.

  5. Nice bro… God Bless

  6. Where can I get a vans wetsuit like that!

  7. Bro this looks super fun

  8. You guys must take a look on the Pororoca Wave, here in the amazonian river, Brazil.

  9. mikerafone music

    Cool stuff bro…who knew? 9 1/4 mile ride whoa!!!

  10. Why did the 6ft tall chicken cross the road in front of the river surfers, while the 4 ft tall albino pigeon with chicken legs was watching? (I won't say anything-more-about the 5ft guy with a dirty name, mange and a hobo coxcomb.)

  11. wtfs happening at 8:02?

  12. 5:35. Fishing for a new beanie


  14. Did you see the size of that chicken?

  15. This is the true meaning of surfing

  16. The bore must be the ultimate party wave. I kind of regret I have yet to get on one…still might happen since I am still here on this earth

  17. What a nightmare.

  18. Roscoedolittle Smith

    A nose full of river water is just asking for a virus.

  19. This is pretty cool. Growing up in san clemente and surfing for most of my life, (although I haven't been out much after graduating college and doing career life crap) I would def try and sure the bore if i'm ever near there. Looks like the epitome of a party wave

  20. Best thing about the tidal break is afterwards putting on dry clothes and having a full English breakfast. YUUUUM !!


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