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FIFA 18 Xbox One X Gameplay 4K

FIFA 18 Xbox One X Gameplay 4K

FIFA 18 Xbox One X Gameplay in 4K – Fifa 18 4K Xbox One X 60fps Gameplay
Thanks to Xbox for sending the Console for Review
Xbox One X Booting Up – https://youtu.be/1RKG4AP8z3Q
Gears of War 4 Xbox One X – https://youtu.be/L0_nQTRNhFI
Rise of The Tomb Raider Xbox One X https://youtu.be/gprC8AkNO7A
Super Lucky’s Tale Xbox One X – https://youtu.be/ScXlDMOCCvc
Quantum Break Xbox One X – https://youtu.be/QqwxOnKki5Y
Titanfall 2 Xbox One X – https://youtu.be/3EkAtpS7qQY
Fifa 18 Xbox One X – https://youtu.be/7vn17xOJ4Hc

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20 comentarios

  1. Zico Roger Massillon

    I like fifa 19

  2. the xbox better ps4

  3. select juventus/real madrid/manchester united/city/chelsea

  4. Do I need xbox Live gold to play??!

  5. 1v1 me Xbox today. If anyone wanna do it reply here.

  6. Uriel Moctezuma


  7. AlphaGaming 1952

    That Game is fun I'm gonna get it

  8. Xbox! Xbox! Xbox!

  9. Jonathan Hirschbaum

    Last FIFA I played was 13. All the commentary was almost the same.
    Arte they copying audio files over from one version to another? This is just pathetic.

  10. Can i play fifa18 on xbox one s?

  11. Forza Horizon 4 when it is released

  12. Wellington Santos

    Ps4 pro the Fifa is the best!

  13. Men is this 4K or 480p? This is not xbox one x on 4K.

  14. Play me at FIFA you will loose ad me spr mo if you think you can beat me lol

  15. Xbox one x Xbox one s?

  16. lüdiKRäss kita would never scöre ^ ^

  17. why izzit kölled phiphä iffiz ´´jüst´´ club fb ^ ^

  18. still not better than PC


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