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Ep- 3 – Pozo Training Diaries – 2019

Episode 3… is OUT!!
NEW – Pozo Training Diaries

In this Episode…

– We take a look at the Mens Top 4… Strengths and weaknesses

– Also a look at the Women top 5… Can anyone beat the queen of Pozo!

– RocketMan is Back… and there is a NEW Rocket man in town.

– The Freestyle World Champ wants to become a ROCK star.

– We Name a Random Ripper

– The K4 SPRAY of the day is Back.. YES I did just say that!

– The junior are out in force… and Shrunkabeck has just nailed his first Pushloops!

– Plus we introduce another NEW Feature ‘Why are you crying’

…and we Give you the Chance to WIN a Board from F2 (Plus Sup’s and a Sail)
You just have to become a member by support the channel with Beer Money… you are truly helping the channel survive… or at least stopping me from dehydrating!!

I have just made a slight change… all the info on the page (Full video explaining coming soon)

Go to: https://windsurfing.tv/beer-money/
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20 comentarios

  1. When is episode 4 out? I need my WS fix 😀 … oh and keep an eye out for my Danish co-pilot Simon Thule. I've heard he is in town and is stepping up and competing in the youth fleet. He is working and his front and back loops… he made a bet with us that you got to shave his head bald if he didn't land both a front loop and a back loop while down there. Keep us posted! (y)

  2. roadrunnermakmak

    I love mondays – just becuase of you 😉 – keep on sa(!)nding it, really entertaining!!

  3. I am famous

  4. LOVE IT

  5. you've made my sunday dude ! your laugh is communicative !!! 😉

  6. I'm a simple man I see a video from windsurfing.TV I press like.
    Keep it up Ben and the crew..you are awesome!

  7. Spray of the day 😂

  8. Philip for the win

  9. Achim Kleiner Büro für visuelle Kommunikation & Funsport

    Cool features, spray of the day, rocketman 🙂

  10. We want Pepe behind the mic again, interviewing riders !
    That was just the best

  11. Floris Dullaart

    Such a funny and inspiring video. Keep it up Ben!

  12. awesome Video! 😉 love it

  13. Always good stuff.

  14. makes my day every time! thank you

  15. Great stuff…🤙

  16. Sorry Ben, was trying to do my best to listen to you but couldn't help watching the poor bastard being smashed on the rocks behind you. Looked like he could've done with some help there as he obviously had a problem. If he rented that board I think he just lost his deposit.

  17. You should cast some proper Euro sport WK footages Ben, these video's are just golden.

  18. What about the dude going out on the rocks behind you?? LoL


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