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2019 U.S. Open, Round 4: Extended Highlights

The final day of the 2019 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach (Calif.) Golf Links was one that won’t soon be forgotten. See how it all unfolded with highlights from the entire day of action.

For more from the U.S. Open, visit http://www.usopen.com.

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  1. Progressive Demagogue

    The nobody won it..

  2. Why did you remove Pat McAfee's fair use video from twitter? It's only video clip y u heff to be mad?

  3. Congratulations woodland and everyone who participated it was nyc watching…..

  4. I was there in person, and from my perspective the field was yet again playing not to lose. A good 90%+ were leaving 30 yards breathing room on their tee shots. IDK but a 110 yards for me is a lot easier than 140-150 yard shots. It's a big reason why Woodland and Koepka pulled away from the crowd. They were hitting wedges when the rest of the field were leaving themselves 8 iron in.


  6. Without a doubt that 265 yrd 3-wood by Gary Woodland was the best shot of the whole tournament, many would have opted for a safe approach, this dude just ripped the snot out it and deadly accurate as well!.

  7. What a way to win a 1st time major. Congrats

  8. Get Zinger some sun screen…too late

  9. Congrats to Woodland! There are too many dominant Americans on the tour today!! Brooks is nearly on everyone's ass in every tournament he plays!! Go Brooks!!!

  10. The Piper Report

    I admit I was going for Koepka final round. Can you imagine 3 years in a row? Would have been so sick

  11. The Piper Report

    So I was watching this video and I was so shocked how fast these pros swings. It seemed impossible… Then i realized I was watching on 1.25 speed. lol

  12. Brandon Rosenthal

    Meat and Potatoes for everyone!

  13. Ernesto Lupercio

    I was following these guys most of the day and man rose just fell apart. Brooks was on fire out the gate

  14. over opinionated

    No LOUD music
    just golf

  15. I wonder whether the weather done wonders for Woodland Winning.

  16. Great to watch but I feel I have a headache having to listen to all the tossers shouting stupid things out on every shot.

  17. Why does Chez Reavie have the Diamondbacks' "A' on his hat?

  18. One of the best Opens I've ever seen. Congrats to everyone who played.

  19. Tiger woods is washed up


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