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4.5 VS 6.5 ATP Pro Tennis Player UTR 7 vs UTR 13

Here’s my 1st round match from the 2017 Manhattan Beach Open. I’m wearing the white hat. My opponent was Keven Lynch, an ATP Pro Ranked #1073 (Doubles). Normally I play in the 4.5 division, but last summer I decided to play a few open draws just to get a feel for what the game is like at that level.

I was expecting him to completely overwhelm me with pace and shotmaking, but in reality he mostly played high percentage deep balls and waited for me to get out position or make an unforced error.

He was a super nice guy and we had a nice discussion afterwards about what to improve in my game and what life is like on the tour for him.

Final score as expected was 0-6, 0-6.

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  1. I think he made fun of you. I am usually not one to argue over ratings on the internet. But there is not way that with this serve technique he is anywhere close to a pro player. Service technique doesn't lie. Even when you take it easy and play for fun.

  2. I see no 6.5 player here. Maybe 1 4.5

  3. Wow, dude in the green shirt is foot faulting. It's very obvious…c'mon.

  4. Kathleen Bullock

    He was using what he needed to win. You only saw his 4.5 – 5.0 game

  5. in doubles… but in singles atp ?? his serve seems strangely compact as his forehand as well… balls half court etc… no corners or no accelerations? I played a lower national level in Belgium, and I am sure I can handle this guy how he's playing

  6. guy in green shirt is pro?


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