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Nintendo Switch Padded Dock Cover (Scratch Fix) | Free Giveaway

Check Out The Padded Dock Covers Here https://www.etsy.com/shop/ActivePatch
What to protect your Nintendo Switch from Scratches? Is your Switch Dock ruining your day with scuffs? These Padded Dock Covers will protect your Switch from all dock related mishaps! Nintendo Switch Dock Scratch Fix! -Like/Comment/Subscribe/Share

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20 comentarios

  1. To WIN A FREE SWITCH DOCK COVER, Remember to Like, Comment, Subscribe and Touch My BELL!! Thanks guys, love you all <3
    Check Out The Padded Dock Covers Here And Buy Your Own! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ActivePatch

  2. The bell only represents notifications, your videos still pop up on peoples feeds etc.they just don't get annoying alerts about it

  3. I made one of those with my mom, it looks pretty good and it works 😛


    @beatemups do you know if this will work with the tempered glass screen protector?

  5. No_Diggity_No_Doubt

    If my Switch has a screen protector will it still fit in the dock with the active patch?

  6. I wanna confirm whether this really help to prevent scratching???

  7. Meh, Im more than a year late but still I subbed and hit the bell.

  8. Top Button Recordings

    I know this is a 12 month old video.

    I’d call it a ‘Dock Sock!’ 😂👍🏼

  9. I don't have a screen protecter for my switch and so far ive it for 5 months and no scratches but would love one to protect my switch

  10. ill buy one myself if the giveaway is over already. I need one because I cannot apply a screen protector very easily at all.

  11. Insects and Gaming

    Ive only used my dock twice because im afraid ill scratch the screen

  12. I will be buying one

  13. I just ordered one from the web site most excited

  14. mr.marvelstopmotions

    my switch scratched so i need a dock sock thingo

  15. Imelda Bytautaite

    I want one

  16. I would love a dock cover because like you said your very meticulous about keeping it clean and not scratching it I am the same way.. I would love a cover.. love your channel would love one… I have been avoiding my dock only used twice because I don't want to scratch.. please send one.. would love Mario one.. and getting one of these from you would boost my love for the channel and would help me recommend people to like and subscribe to your channel.. please and thank you…

  17. Why you need a nintendo switch cover

  18. Makes me mad something is even necessary

  19. I need one

  20. I liked subscribed and hit the bell I would like it because I bought a switch 4 my little bro and I don't want it to get scratched too early


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