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Play better golf TEE TO GREEN by creating shots

Play better golf TEE TO GREEN by creating shots

Play better golf shots from TEE TO GREEN – In this video we look at how to change your mentality to hit better golf shots from tee to green.

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20 comentarios

  1. I hope you make the Open. I think you can.

  2. Dollar Bill Clinton

    Looking forward to the new album,,,great video,,,,😎

  3. When I do what you just did it hooks but never starts right so it hooks way too much and hooks immediately off the club

  4. I like your channel the best. You and Rick do good videos. I like the fact you play and teach not cater to manufacturers.

  5. Just your average golfer

    Hallelujah….see it, feel it and then play it. Just like every other sport we play! Great video Pete, totally agree this is one of the most important videos you have done. I've been banging this drum for awhile. This is how golf is played. Golf is a sport, play it!!

  6. I can just about hit a ball straight 😂 can’t hit woods at all they have been taken out the bag 😂

  7. Love these videos. Great job!

  8. Great video Peter.

  9. good content pete… its refreshing to see videos about how to play on course rather than technique or club reviews all the time … thanks

  10. hi peter!! 🙂 gr8 vidd

  11. Excellent video, Pete!

  12. Another great video. Well done on the 200K breakthrough!

  13. I need at created miracle to hit my 3 or 4 iron…..help peter

  14. Congratulations on reaching 200k, well deserved. Great video, very thought provoking . My only problem is, I can't paint😪

  15. My first instinct would be to smash a 5 wood over that bloody tree!
    I have a pretty good game around the green if I come up short. 🙂

  16. Congrats on 200k pete!

  17. If there ever was a day that you should have used shot tracer this was it, haha.

  18. 200.000 booom

  19. Michael Armstrong

    Pete – well done; 200,000 mad foĺlowers!!


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