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Should you support your local bike shop?

Some people refuse to go to bike shops, and others will shame you for buying online. Where’s the middle ground? In this video, I hope to bring some sensible moderation to the issue.

Check out Squatch in Brevard, NC http://www.squatchbikes.com/

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  1. My local bike shop is filled with English people that hate their job and are completely unhelpful. They go mental at customers walking in and asking questions.
    My local bike shop made me buy bike tools and look for good deals on internet 😂😂

  2. Black Dog Adventures

    I have been to Squatch in Brevard. They are not fans of fat bikes. I live in the north and i dont ride one, either.

  3. Bless this man’s heart I wish I had a bike shop like this in our town

  4. Any bike mechanic will say the same thing…go for the frame straightener when things get dicey

  5. I support local bike mechanics. Not local bike shops, their prices are 20% higher than online stores. I can wait, checks for compatibility and knows the risks of online shopping so Im good with that. The lbs owner here is kind and humble though. Nice guy actually.

  6. Took a mavic ksyrium elite wheel to lbs to fix a broken spoke. Anyone who's seen mavic wheels knows the spokes aren't your typical spokes. They did a real shitty repair which untimely led to the wheel being trashed. They took zero responsibility for it.

  7. No. Im not supporting my local bike shop.the people that work there are asshole cocksuckers .

  8. My Walmart is my nearest bike shop

  9. The other day I went to my Local Bike Shop and Purchased 2 Inner Gear Cables = (£10 GB/$13 US), I then went home an ordered 10 inner Gear Cables from Ebay = £5 GB Pounds…………..In the UK the bike shops are just about getting as much money as they can by selling over inflated prices of items that can be had online for much less….

  10. The problems i have with LBS is usually there always pretty rude and not super helpful unless im looking to pick up a new bike.

  11. my lbs wont even do suspension work. its like theyre overpaid customer service associates

  12. uhh no. my local bike shop charges 3x what chain reaction does. overcharge for miniscule adjustments. learn to work on a bike yourself

  13. Seth, Do you live near Brevard, NC? I live 2 miles from there

  14. Chester Cobblepot

    My local shop blows

  15. My bike shop was supposed to have my wheal built in one week, two weeks later they still haven’t started.

  16. As a 15 year old bike shop mechanic and local high school xc team racer I recommend trying out your local bike shop.

  17. Heather Spoonheim

    I support Fournel Bicycles in Québec City. I don't know if they are the best bike shop, and I know I can buy cheaper parts online (and sometimes I do just for convenience), but I like having a real bike shop (they don't sell footballs, nor even switch to skis in winter) in my neighbourhood. The only thing I don't like about them is they offer too much service – always wanting to install my latest accessory for me, free of charge, when I like to do that stuff myself. First world problems.

  18. Bike shops dont want you to know how easy most repairs are and they stock essentials like tires that are like 3 or 4 times online price and charge you for labor as well prob like 20 bucks an hr. They only like idiots or tourists thats why i dont support them

  19. As a bike shop employee, it always pisses me off when a customer comes in on a busy day and wastes 30 minutes of my time getting me to pull out 15 helmets then asks to take a picture of the label and leaves to go buy it online. Some people need to learn respect before judging bike shops as their actions hurt the business.


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