Home / Tennis / Djokovic advances; Kyrgios entertains the Miami crowd | Miami Open 2019 Day 5 Highlights

Djokovic advances; Kyrgios entertains the Miami crowd | Miami Open 2019 Day 5 Highlights

Djokovic advances; Kyrgios entertains the Miami crowd | Miami Open 2019 Day 5 Highlights

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20 comentarios

  1. That isn't entertainment, Kyrgios was blatantly being disrespectful of his opponent. He'll never get the same respect from the crowd that Federer gets. Because he was being a bully on the court.

  2. As ugly as Raonic……

  3. Raonic is the most boring cunt I have ever seen. Go home!

  4. I never know if Kyrgios is great or respectless. I really dont know.

  5. Some argue that Nick's play is similar to when he plays Fed and others. Sorry, it's not. The amount of trick shots and ridiculousness he showed here..Nick never played this way against Fed. There he tries one or two things, here, he's simply going overboard. Any tennis player who watches this knows that it's disrespectful to his opponent….not saying it's not entertainment, it is. But Nick certainly entertained all those who wanted him to crash out too…. That's the difference between him and say someone like Fed : Fed can pull it off and win tournaments (and not piss of his opponents), Nick…can just pull it off.

  6. Kyrgios went to far man. That's straight up disrespecting and trolling.

  7. Kyrgios is looking like Magic Johnson on the court. Effortless.

  8. Another boring final to come the same boring players in the final again.

  9. such a respectless player he is !

  10. 0:33 world number 1; sportsman of the year right here!

  11. Isner is the most boring player in the world, except for Querrey.

  12. kyrgios 🔥 🔥 🔥

  13. KeezyWithABanger

    He never plays like that against a higher opponent haha

  14. Kyrgios is such a fucking tool

  15. Nice stuff from Kedders

  16. 3:54 i see Kyrgios is making new friends on the Tour, that's nice

  17. Kyrgios: SUNDAY NIGHT

  18. Che pagliaccio quel kyrgios

  19. There is only one thing nastier than Nick’s personality and mentality and that’s the ATP and the Media trying to promote Nick saying that he is important for the game! Why? At the expense of what? Respect for the opponent, ethics, good values, morals, etc.
    This thug/hip-hop lifestyle is the intellectual cancer of this young generation!
    Really talented players but the last kind of person that I would like my kids to emulate and be a Fan.

  20. Kyrgios = Mansour Bahrami reloaded , lol


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