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Introducing the Wing Surfer By Naish

Robby Naish introduces the new Naish Wing Surfer design, talking through the fundamentals of the concept, which he believes lie in its simplicity. This presentation took place at the Naish dealer meeting in Tarifa, May 20th, 2019.

Video shot by: Kiteworld
Action clips by: Light Bros

More content from a great few days on the water in Spain coming on the Kiteworld website this week and in the upcoming issue 100, released mid-July.


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20 comentarios

  1. Alfonso Ferrando

    Would a harness make sense?

  2. Can we get a bigger one? Low wind down here in Texas City 😬

  3. MacKenzieMorganMoo

    you know what would be cool? This kite, but with the ability to be able to kiteboard with it. I CALLED IT.

  4. MacKenzieMorganMoo

    he just ROASTED duotone 😂

  5. Love it that is light but also it would have been a good option to have like a window see thru the canopy ( even lighter wingfoil ) and more secure as you can see if something is coming towards you . That said let the games begin

  6. Can you make a video with surfers poping up on a REGULAR SUP?

  7. Just few thousands dollars more…. 🤔😐

  8. For the first time I'm so surprised about this video… I can't recognize Mr naish… Is it a fake or just business? Holly shit or bullshit? What a pity..

  9. WICKED BRO !!

  10. Hi from Taiwan! Totally awesome! SUP is picking up in this country big! Will be cool to get these in and the foils too! Let us know when we can start ordering.

  11. Tyler Alan Johnson

    Thanks for the cutting edge info.

  12. Nice option, NAISH, Bingo!

  13. This is going to be a single model year flop. Even if it costs $200, you still have to have a hydrofoil stand up paddleboard which is at a minimum $2000. And you likely WILL need a foil SUP (like they do in the video) in order to do a water start. Kiteboarding hydrofoil boards dont have much flotation and would make it really difficult to stand up and get going.

  14. what would be a good beginner foil board to go with this wing?

  15. I've seen it used with foils, but I wonder what the wind range will be on these. I live in light wind san diego

  16. How is it to water start

  17. I’ve tried kiting but it wasn’t for me. This fit my style.

  18. Where can I buy it!!!!!!

  19. Norm's Big Window


  20. Epic , this suits me .

    Used to kite but can't for various reasons .this will get me back on the water with sup


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