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Charles Muntz!

Carl and Philus both want the chocolate, but alas, their beloved bar’s fate may not be so sweet.

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Thanks for watching and thanks for 100+ subs! (Forgot to put that in the end so I’m putting it here.)

Holy chocolates, this thing really ballooned in views!

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20 comentarios

  1. 1:02 'What is that thing' you turned a cheap fart joke into gold XD I am dying

  2. Hector’s Productions

    0:52 where is this From?

  3. Snipe. Snipe? Snipe. Snipe? Snipe. Snipe? Snip. 😐😐 Snipe. Snipe? SnIpE. sNiPe? Snipe. Snipe? Snip. Snop? Snap. Snep? *SNIPE*. *SNIPER*? 💥🔫 ☠️ Yes Sniper.

  4. 1:11 UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HINT: turn volume up, because its soup-er quiet

  5. " HEHE, GOGGLES :>"

  6. Flowey the flower

    i am dying inside

  7. Christopher DeLoach


  8. 3:203:36 pokemon battle from SUP.
    Wild Charles Muntz appeared!
    Russe… i mean Phillis: "Go! Fredricksen!"
    Fredricksen: used chocolate shield he safe from any attack in one turn
    Charles Muntz: used rifle – Fredricksen taken no damage- shield broke
    Fredliksen: used walking stick and activate anger very effective
    Enemy Charles Muntz defeated
    Fredricksen gained 50 xep. points!
    (P.S.: Don't judge me for that, i forgot who pokemon battle works…😔)

  9. chillis. chocolate. charles muntz.the 3 c's of succcsess

  10. William TEHAN [10S2]

    inhales CHARLES MUNTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 루나아라네트워크
  12. Professor Gaming

    Next ytp soup(puos)

  13. the girl in the blue sweater

    1:311:39 made me laugh so hard my big sister started to stare at me XD

  14. 3:32 fast forward 2 and slow forward 0.25

  15. Rip chocolate

  16. DidyouKnow justwalk

    S U P

  17. Haters would say he destroys Up.

  18. if you give me enough CHARLZ MUNTZ
    i will slap chocolate 4 u


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