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Sports Arena Size Comparison

Sports Balls Size Comparison : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNR-o7_jiO4

An animated comparison of some of the most popular sports courts, fields and areas. Is a baseball pitch bigger than a basketball court? Is a rugby field larger than a soccer field? Watch this video to find out and compare the arena sizes.

Music: Pure attitude – Kevin Macload (CC4.0 – Incompetech)

Models used are publicly listed from 3D warehouse.

Dimensions obtain from sources such as FIF, Olympics, NFL etc. You may find some here: https://www.sportscourtdimensions.com/
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20 comentarios

  1. Bro Where are you live ? Plz tell me

  2. Handball?

  3. No wrestling mat 😤

  4. FortnitePlayer 56

    You forgot European Handball

  5. And nürburgring?

  6. Where is the AFL field

  7. Golf course: am I a joke to you?

  8. Where’s football

  9. Creator: I think i added everything from the comments….

    Me: Dodgeball….

  10. Were is the golf

  11. sooo poker table, chess/checker board, billiards table, Bowling lanes, eGames (video games stage), MMA ring, NFL and AFL football fields and PGA golf course are irrelevant?
    Everyone saying "nurburgring " because ONE person mentioned it.

  12. Forgot golf course you stupid. 40 acres.


  14. Also the longest highway

  15. Tennis table is my favourite arena

  16. 10k without a Vid?

    Me: yea all of them only get slightly bigger every time

    2km racetrack: am I a joke to you?

  17. It was horrible

  18. Foos ball table! And the nurburgring!

  19. You didn't show speedway track.


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