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$5 Walmart Soccer Ball – Is It Good?

 Walmart Soccer Ball - Is It Good?

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20 comentarios

  1. Bro hope you reach 1million soon

  2. I bought a ball online it's from a brand called Kipsta it's also 5 dollars and it's almost the same quality as Adidas ball that's like 20 bucks the difference is just Adidas has stitching warranty for 2 years.

  3. Do a series

  4. My 15$ one from walmart just popped a week ago from the tire of a car😭😭

  5. I had a soccer ball where I bought it for $7 and I barely played with it and it ripped…….. from a 99€ store tho

  6. Try the presision balls, Santos or fusion, they're great for only 12 euro

  7. Anybody noticed that is arm looks like a soccer ball because he holds it well?

  8. 2:34 if you hit that it will trick the goalkeeper

  9. Lol I use a 5 dollar soccer ball Caz broke

  10. Please make this a series. I think it would be interesting to see which products we have been missing out on just cause it was sold a discount non sport store.

  11. Keep doing Wal-Mart videos

  12. Ahtemarul Hasan Rokon


  13. Walmaaaaaaaaaaart


  14. What about local or fake shin pads

  15. SilentlyMysterius1

    "Review" did you even kick the ball?

  16. Can u do a video for top soccer shoes for each position

  17. Waaalmaaart!!!

  18. The fanciest ball i have found in wallmart were a mitre ball and a MLS i didnt even get it i should have

  19. Waaaaaaaalmaaaaaaaaaart.

  20. Eduardito Gonzales

    People buy those for kids to play in backyard, 5 bucks and very light, just perfect for this purpose. No broken windows or bleeding nose..


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