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BIC Windsurf – Techno 133


Durable, Lightweight Freeride Performance

On a Techno 133 you can go fast, very fast easily. In all kinds of conditions and always with great sensations. At the same time, you can enjoy funboard riding in medium to strong winds. So versatile that it could easily become the only freeride board in your quiver.


Sur la Techno 133, on va très vite, facilement, à toutes les allures et avec de super sensations. Elle permet de franchir une nouvelle étape vers le funboard dans le vent médium/fort. Elle est si polyvalente qu’elle peut devenir l’unique flotteur freeride de votre quiver.
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  1. 2019: My first full season on a Techno 148. Bought this one because I'm 90+kg, 48 years old and getting back on the water after 35 years. Need to learn a lot again. Have a 8,5m2 Techno One sail on it so I can start with pretty light weather already. So far, so good. Oh yes, we're surfing on the Baltic sea; really cold at times here.

  2. We see you with your Neilpryde sail at 1:20 + your Neilpryde Wishbone at 0:53, your gear is not good enough? In addition, your pro does not know how to let go of the hand (1:00) and at 1:12 he makes a disgusting jump

    Goodbye, good day

    PS: 293 is better

  3. On vous a cramés avec votre voile Neilpryde a 1:20 + votre Wishbone Neilpryde a 0:53, votre matériel n'est pas assez bien ? En plus votre pro ne sait pas lacher la main (1:00) et a 1:12 il fait un saut dégueulasse
    Voilà, bonne journée
    PS: 293 c'est mieux

  4. Nicolas Belokurov

    Bought a techno 148 several months ago… Love it, great board

  5. Bic must make only pens

  6. Why does it have to be middle-aged overweight guys?


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