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LLWS Bad Sportsmanship (HD)

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20 comentarios

  1. I play softball and the girls don’t cry as much as these boys this is kinda sad when we get hit we walk it off

  2. The 1st baseman in the second clip has such a punchable face

  3. phillip ruggiero

    This the nba?

  4. I guess Tom Hanks was wrong.there is crying in baseball.

  5. Not seeing bad sportsmanship anywhere in a few of these clips.

  6. what a bunch of pussies oh my god

  7. Ronny Northington

    If I got a hot I'm aiming for that kid playing first, you can bet on that, I'd smash that kid so hard folks in the stand will wonder if we're playing baseball or football…

  8. These kids are a bunch of pussys lol

  9. 23 that’s mest up like throw him out

  10. What a bunch of fucking crybabies

  11. Why does every kid cry over a something so little

  12. Adults that obsess over children's sports should be put on a watch list

  13. These kids are massive pussies.

  14. These ain't hockey players.

  15. Biggest babies and wimps

  16. There just wondering where there participation trophies are at

  17. What's with all the crying? There's no crying in baseball!

  18. Buncha pussies lmao💀

  19. Everest Ice Agma

    U got to be able to take these hits to make it to the majors especially as a catcher

  20. Freelance Duck Hunting

    At what age does the bawling like babies stop?


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