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Learn to Set a Zero Tempo Ball! – Volleyball 2016 #2

One of the keys to running a fast tempo offense lies in your setters’ ability to quickly and accurately set the ball. In this drill from Middle Tennessee State women’s volleyball coach, Matt Peck, players work on setting a zero tempo ball to hitters who have already jumped and are in mid-air.

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    this post was made by the haikyuu gang

  2. 1. It's not called Zero tempo, but minus tempo
    2. Not even minus tempo…

  3. Zero temp –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Akd10Z05_Go
    Although the ones in Haikyuu!! are really amazing, the real life ones are cool as well

  4. Isnt this is first tempo not minus?

  5. This is first tempo

  6. Welcome to the scarf army

  7. This is first tempo

  8. minus tempo????

  9. those r one temp

  10. Paul´s an assistance coach got me laughing so hard. xD

  11. Japan will strike

    What does the boy do at the 2,24m net ? 😀

  12. Here's a more in depth explanation of tempo according to the anime Haikyuu!! (The information I would say is quite accurate in the anime). 3rd tempo is when you do a slow running approach to match the pace of a high toss then connect with a spike . 2nd tempo is a running approach the same time the toss goes up then connecting with a spike (the difference between 3rd and 2nd tempo is that in 3rd tempo you are matching you pace with the ball, but in 2nd tempo you don't necessarily match you pace with the ball, but you still need to make sure your not running too fast, or that would be a 1st tempo and if you run too slow you could miss the spike completely). 1st tempo the spiker does a running approach first then matches up with the toss (the spiker runs first, then the setter tosses to the spiker at the right moment and the spiker finishes with spike). The minus (or what you call the zero tempo) is the hardest of them all so I don't explain this wrong, im going to explain it the exact way the anime did. "By the time the setter is about to set the ball, he has already done his running approach and has already jumped" . I may not be a volleyball coach but I would say your spikers are doing a 2nd tempo if you are looking at the person who is throwing the ball to the setter. But if you look at the person who is actually setting it, it's 1st tempo, since the spiker is running before the setter tosses. If it was a minus (or zero) tempo the spikers would already be in the air. I also looked at the description and saw you understand what a zero or minus tempo is, I just thought I would go into a deeper explanation. Like I said im not a Volleyball coach, but I would recommend that when you have them practice that they have more room to run. I also saw your guy in the white shirt that spiked the ball that was probably the fastest at 1:25 he was really close to getting to minus tempo but not quite. Hope I didn't overkill it with the information. Have a nice day! 😀

  13. this is basically a 9man fastball

  14. VolleyStuff&Media

    Sorry to say but these are all first tempo cuz they are jumping after or at the same time as the set.
    Zero or Minus tempo is in the air before it wen touches the setters hand isn't it?
    Haikyuu describes and shows it well even if it's an anime but check it out


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