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Clear Kayaking in the Crystal Clear Water With Manatees

It’s almost that time of year in Florida when the Manatees start grouping up & moving into warmer waters. Making it an ideal time to go kayaking in crystal clear spring waters with the original clear kayak hybrid from See Through Canoe.
More details about the See Through Canoe can be found at http://www.seethroughcanoe.com
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  1. Do they hurt people

  2. Endovear Todoroki

    Did you rent or buy the kayak?

  3. Thank you for sharing this delightful footage, fell in love with the manatees visiting crystal River in 1991, greetings from the U.K, have subscribed, ☺💙

  4. ひめやまさくら



    I just saw this kayak on the price is right..COOL!!!!

  6. i would absolutely cry.. 😩 i’ve loved manatees ever since i was a little girl. i NEED to experience this.

  7. Somewhere behond the memes….. lies a fat sea thing

  8. Legendary Sticknoder


  9. sweet. Thanks lots. <3

  10. Douglas Donoghue

    Nice video. <3

  11. This is literally his channel and I’m from just Dustin

  12. Chocolate_and_Cheese 97


  13. Amazing! Sweetest creatures on earth. You are so lucky to visit them.

  14. 物の哀れ

  15. Alicia Cavalcanti

    Where in Florida was this

  16. My favorite creature in the world! 😍😍😍😍 I must procure one of these kayaks!!!!!!!

  17. Where is this?


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