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Is Barcelona or Real Madrid harder to beat at home? AC Milan to return to former glory? | Extra Time

Steve Nicol, Paul Mariner, Matteo Bonetti and Dan Thomas of ESPN FC answer fan questions in Extra Time, including: if AC Milan will ever return to its former success as a club, (2:09) which club is harder to beat in their home stadium, Barcelona in Camp Nou or Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, (5:28) Stevie’s other favorite foods besides his wife’s shepard’s pie, (6:10) if summer or winter is the better season, and (8:11) where in the world is Craig Burley?

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  1. It's easy to fuck Madrid, it's why they call it the Bernabrothel

  2. Ibrahim Zulfiquar

    Barcelona at Camp Nou
    Barcelona is undefeated at Bernabeau as well

  3. No need to worry……real Madrid will get back to its strong form soon….

  4. Everybody knows that barca are virtually unbeatable at camp nou but a soft touch away from home.

  5. Im madrid fan but defeating barca in camp nou is harder

  6. Anonymously Yours

    Where is Craig Burley?
    Answer: finding more reasons to say a Cristiano Ronaldo performance or one of his trophies are friendly games or a not a big tournament! 😝

  7. Ajax 4-1

  8. no shaka no party

  9. Babajide Odusanya

    I'm not Zlatan. Zlatan is me.

  10. Of course camp nou we destroy clubs there but go to other stadiums play like walking potatoes

  11. The question has to be:
    What is difficult beating barca at camp nou or beating barca at bernabeu?

  12. Its harder to beat barca at home than real but it's easier to beat barca than mandrid in away game thats more important.

  13. Luis Escamado Nhamue

    Barcelona is harder at home. And too easy out home.

    Real easy to beat at home. Very hard out home.

  14. I almost feel like Real are worse at home than away at the present moment

  15. Chelsea really know how to beat Barcelona in Camp Nou..than another time..

  16. Last time AC Milan were in the UCL was the 13/14 season. How is that 8 to 9 years?

  17. Is that even a question? Not even best Liverpool sqaud (eventual ucl winner) couldn't stop barca. They were thrashed by messi alone.

  18. Bernabeu is Training Ground for Barcelona for some time now

  19. This is the amount of people that loves Messi

  20. teodor Bekkevold

    Should talked more about Milan


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