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Secret Surfing Spot Produces Some of the World's Biggest Waves | Man vs Wave

The top secret surf spot that produces world-class giant waves

Watch more: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/man-vs-wave/on-demand

About the programme:
Following Big Wave Surfer Al Mennie, a pioneer who has discovered and ridden numerous surf spots off the Irish coast and is now developing new ways of finding and surviving extreme surf

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15 comentarios

  1. Tow in go straight..so shit

  2. Hello yeah Mavericks

  3. What the hell is under his swim suit…. it looks like huge bits of lego ????

  4. Secret wave spot….. with one of the planets most recognisable accents……

  5. It looks like shit tbh

  6. herecomesthemonster

    Why not just keep it quiet?

  7. Surfed Ireland a few times.. beautiful place to travel and surf… I think I've got a good idea where this is… Not sure I'd try it…

  8. The accents and the Waves give it away. Now the camera crew know where the secret spot is, hope they signed a confidentiality agreement! Awesome vid. Great surf.

  9. Bassing In Florida

    He’s just a clout chaser. No need to keep a sloppy wedge secret

  10. Found a similar looking wave in Cornwall

  11. Ireland finds another treasure: Monster waves for surfing.

  12. It's in Ireland…

  13. I have done 4 years of surfing and there are some bad waves

  14. got a fair idea where this is 😉

  15. enjoyed. can't surf myself but always attracted to the sport.


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