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Tennis vs badminton…. Toughest sport….?

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  1. Badminton

  2. Badminton is the asian tennis then tennis is the europeon american badminton

  3. Tennis is so boring. Few stroke in one match and take long time to finish.

  4. Idk what it is about badminton, but I'm just SO bad at it. I've been playing Tennis for 3 years, I'm on my school team and I've won a good number of trophies and medals. Badminton on the other hand, I just cannot play it at all. I think it has something to do with how the tennis ball and shuttlecock fall, not to mention how small the badminton racket is compared to a tennis one. I've always just found Tennis more enjoyable and fun than I found Badminton when I tried playing it.

  5. Tennis.

  6. Lets have a vote then. Write BAD for badminton and TEN for tenis.
    1. ?
    2. ?

  7. The only way to compare the two is to compare it to running. A concept where anyone that does not play the two sports can understand. Badminton is like sprinting 25 to 50 m under 10sec then stoping for 5 sec then repeating again for a duration of 30 – 60mins. Tennis is a casual jog in the park where you can stop have some tea and start again with no time limits

  8. played both and have to say badminton is on the most exhausting sports of all.

  9. Badminton have to be fast badminton is the toughest

  10. This video is a cherry picking and I can say that tennis is more tougher.

    Don't mistake me for bringing up tennis because I do and love play badminton alot and occasionally going to stadium to watch pro badminton player play.

    I still remember that was one day of exhibition match of pro tennis player that I was attended to, and DAMN!!! It was really amazingly spectacular. The court is far bigger than badminton court. There were so much of STRENGTH and ENERGY involved. I can't really brain how come they make a shot and return the ball back to back court with so freaking FAST.

  11. Badminton takes less time to finish because they play faster than tennis players.


  13. This is so inherently biased that it's funny, tennis is way harder in terms for need if talent and physique.

  14. First of all I want to say is that u have Cherry picked the matches really. That's 36 yo Federer ( no forehand or backhand, just serve playing his worst tennis ) vs Servebot Anderson on Grass, the least demanding surface.

    Now coming to the point

    Badminton – More Endurance + Energy burst required, but u got more margin of error, bcz a lot different ways and contact points where u can hit a shuttle, in short more Degree of Freedom and technical allowance. But here's the catch, since Hitting the shuttle is fairly easy, u need to be a lot more consistent and accurate.

    Tennis – Marathon and Most of your Motions are going to be constrained, your Forehand/Backhand Swing Path has to be the same and contact point has to be more or less same or u gonna net it or Ball is going long. In short Hitting the ball is much difficult.

    The most difficult shot- hitting a serve ( no one who hasn't tried to hit a technically correct serve would get this) takes a lot of Effort and Technique ( especially for anyone under 6'2") than hitting a smash in Badminton, u can always adjust your wrists for shots in Badminton.

    In short for Badminton Shot, the equivalent Tennis shot is much more difficult ( no offence), that's just what I noticed and the Skill difference required to hit a basic shot is staggering.

    Footwork – Again tennis requires more accurate and better footwork just due to the fact that Shots are difficult to make and u are not hitting it being out of position.

    Speed – Undoubtedly Badminton is more fast and intense. SMASH- Though u can argue Drag on shuttle is a lot and it slows down to half the speed after just first 2-3 m, but size of the court is smaller too, u need high reflexes, But again if u are somehow able to get your racquet near the shuttle, u could make a defence shot back easily.

    BOTH sports are incredible and it's really personal preference to put one over another completely. I am playing and enjoying both Badminton and Tennis. All I can say is Technically Tennis is a lot more tougher, Badminton is physically tiring but Tennis has it's physical toll, u may b thinking how it is possible if Badminton is more intense, My answer is Just Play tennis to know the answer.

    Injuries –

    Badminton is going to give u Wrist injuries ( We Asians are blessed with such flexible wrists, thank goodness), u may also get minor Back injury, but like any sport u have high chance of Groin and muscle pull.

    Tennis – I Said earlier 'Physical toll' right?

    Wrist Injury + Tennis Elbow ( Due to constrained wrist action during Groundstrokes)
    Chronic Back Injury, Tennis Elbow, Shoulder injury ( due to poor Serving technique or over-exerting during serve)
    And your Leg Joints are going to be sore most time ( especially if your are playing on Hard Court)

    Overall both sports are great, which one is tougher is for u to decide…i Would say Playing Badminton is enough of an excercise/Workout in itself, Tennis is not exactly a complete workout, though U need to be super fit playing any one of them.

  15. Dude you know that Rafael Nadal looks like that after the first set at the Australian Open in 35-40 degree heat.
    way to cherry pick two great servers at wimbledon which represents the absolute minimum of physical effort in tennis.
    I'd love to see these two spaghettis try to return a John Isner serve or play against Nadals heavy topspin on clay. Good luck.
    when it comes to athleticism you need more than endurance to succeed in tennis

  16. fuck tennis badminton is the best

  17. Tennis is better than badminton

  18. Ofc badminton is an exhausting sport ! Surely more than tennis, but tennis remains a good physical sport


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