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The World Sailing Show – Jan 2019

The World Sailing Show - Jan 2019

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00:44 Meet the Mule – American Magic’s trial horse
08:09 Extreme Sailing Series Mexican finale
12:14 Crash & Burn in the Route du Rhum
20:38 Olympic sailing heads offshore
19:31 Southern Ocean rescue
An Italian cat, an American mule and a British pocket rocket are breaking new territory in the quest to create an extraordinary new generation of machines for the 36th America’s Cup.
The boat busting start to the Route du Rhum was only the beginning of a fascinating race across the Atlantic.
The Extreme Sailing Series fleet took the results down the wire in Mexico plus, we hear from an Olympic medallist and former Volvo Ocean Race winner about what lies in store when the Olympic Games head offshore.
Plus, Susie Goodall’s dramatic Southern Ocean rescue.
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  1. No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1

    'american magic' …. australian team?

  2. Please no music during interviews. It is way too loud. It is like trying to have a conversation in a bar with loud music.

  3. Can't wait for the cup race ☺😂😉👀🌏

  4. That is asinine throwing the Finn out of the Olympics. It will be the first time in 70 years without that beast of a boat. For generations it has been a constant against which sailors can measure themselves. Is Ben Ainslee better than Paul Elvstrom? Maybe. Maybe not. The 1984 Olympics in LA taught the IOC how much more money they can make. Getting rid of traditional demanding amateur sports and replacing them with more action-packed NASCAR-like videogenic ones makes them more money. Oh well. Stupid.

  5. all these sailing cup programs are just a way to dodge paying taxes

  6. 2:42 guy using a ruler as a screw driver while other guy talks about quality

  7. I still think the foils on the sides ought to retract into the hull instead of pivoting into the air.
    Besides being a lighter and stronger system, It would LOOK a lot safer, and not worry the spectators as much.
    As in "off with their heads", if boats get too close together.

  8. Wearing a helmet , sitting in a pit looking at a TV and pushing buttons is not my idea of having fun sailing. I guess it's about speed. Funny…sailing…"about speed."

  9. They can't help but plagiarized a NZ design, and call it american.


    I love it the American team run by AUSTRALIANS. The UK team run by AUSTRALIANS. Us AUSSIES are smart water babies.

  11. They are always coming up with great sailing location, fantastic! Has anyone thought of following the advancement of sailing from the beginning of history. First Greece, then the Spaniards ruled the seas. Then the British. Then the Americans. I am sure I have missed a few steps along the way. Whatever were the stories of the great voyages …. sail in those cities. A toast to the great voyages of history. ⛵️

  12. "Love" it !!!! 🙂

  13. Rusty Woodpecker

    First dibs on nick naming it;


  14. …designed, built and run by ANZACs : )

  15. Casually mention the Finn being removed from Olympics and nothing more…. :/

  16. I'm way behind, what happened to the foilinig cats? ? ?

  17. A lot of Australian accents in that American Team.

  18. LOL! I love all the Australian accents!!

  19. Is she Diana from the Hitman games?

  20. correct me if im wrong, but werent all the sailing clips from previous videos from at least months ago if not from as far back as april?


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