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Should You Buy A Tandem Kayak?

From time to time I get asked on my channel from folks if they should buy a tandem kayak? My very first kayak was a tandem sit on top kayak. A Jackson Big Tuna Kayak. A lot of people have this vision in their heads of taking their other half or their children out on awesome adventures in a tandem kayak. I did. I envisioned that from time to time my wife and I would go out on my tandem and just have a great time. In reality, after our first trip in the tandem kayak, she told me she wanted a kayak of her own. That left me with a kayak that I might not have chosen if I knew she wanted her own kayak. I have a definite opinion on tandem kayaks that you will see in the video. This is just my opinion and I hope that I can help you make a decision if you are considering a tandem kayak for yourself. A two person kayak has it’s place for the right 2 people. In my case, it just didn’t work out. Hope this helps you in making a decision that’s right for you.

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20 comentarios

  1. I want an awesome sticker!

    Not only do my DH and I love our Vibe tandem kayak, but we just made an offer on a second tandem kayak! So we may skew your numbers! 😉

    God bless!

  2. TheBamaYaker - Fishing Just For Fun

    No one ever points this out. I’ve been kayaking over 15 years before it became a fad. My wife and I had our own yaks. I then bought a $1100 nice tandem . We went out 4 times in 3-1/2 years. Just sold it yesterday. Still have a Tarpon 140 and perception swiftly 9.5. May buy her a good solo sit on top

  3. Love the video I would like a sticker I have two single kayaks and I am thinking of getting a tandem I was going to use it for just sea fishing galaxy make a 2+1 and a single person can use it

  4. Charles Greatwood

    Thanks bro for your valuable input!

  5. I don't expect my gf to go out to many of the trips with me, i am more outdoorsy then her. Days she isn't with me i will put a cooler in her seat will probably make a better passenger 🍺

  6. Hey man! Thankyou for your opinion!
    I'm NOT going to buy a tandem kayak now!
    She is trying to get me to!

  7. Happy Hartshornes

    Good point. I just bought a new jackson journey for me and I love it. I was thinking about the tripper tandem for my family. I think you’re right. They will never go kayaking with me.

  8. I giggled throughout the video.. good sense of humor

  9. Great video! I totally agree with you on not wanting a tandem for two adults. I would want to be on my own as well. I am shopping for a kayak for an adult and a child, ages toddler to 10 years old. Which boat do you recommend? I’d want it for day and overnight trips. Storage is good but we would also have other single boats along to carry most of our gear. And yes! I want a sticker!

  10. You are right. But I am watching this after I bought one. Luckily it was inexpensive.

  11. I just ordered our first kayak, and we went with a tandem. I'm hoping my wife will join me, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'm more focused on our daughter. She's little right now, and in our state she can't be on her own boat until she's 11. That's years and years where she'll need to be in a boat. So, for that, I thought a tandem made the most sense. Luckily the one I got is convertible to being single or double paddler.

  12. What if I want to bring my 110 pound dog with me? Or should I just not bring her (my dog)?

  13. I have an 8 year old daughter and want to bring her on the river with me this year. I am considering the big tuna for that reason so it can be a solo also. Thanks for the input

  14. I want a cool ass sticker…lol

  15. Wish I watched this prior to buying my tandem….
    Brought it thinking I've got friend that would go, my wife wanted to go, my family would want to join me…..
    Most of my adventures are just me, now I'm stuck lifting 33kg onto my roofracks…

  16. the nickname for tandem kayaks, is divorce maker. I went with a person once and it was a nightmare.I have more experience than him but he thinks he's an expert with no experience. If the person you go with is easy to get along with, can be a leader OR a follower, and isn't a hard headed know it all, it will work just fine.

  17. Got any stickers left?

  18. Beer and boating only mix until the sheriff shows up!

    I watched your video to suggest a friend watch it before getting a tandem.

  19. Colorado Kayaking & RV

    I bought a tandem for the wife and I. The reality is I single it 95% of the time. We call our tandem "the barge".


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