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#2 UCLA at #4 UCI Men's Volleyball

Highlights from the non-conference match played in the Bren Events Center on Saturday, February 3, 2018. Kofi Gyimah was a living highlight reel tonight, while UCLA’s bic seemed near unstoppable.

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  1. 16 is killing it !!!!!!

  2. can someone explain 1:12, the ball isn't touched by the opponent, but white can still save the ball and attack again? that's like 6 touches

  3. What's the name of the UCI setter? I really want to know;;

  4. Bro the blue team is certainty better

  5. 0:35, 2:06, 2:23 Holy shit

  6. LOL 2:07 that's surreal

  7. Soooo FAST!!!!

  8. 2:28 what a setter dump



  10. wow….very good

  11. volleyball is brutal but I love this sport. i have a tournament tomorrow for my club team

  12. #16's quick is deadly

  13. Which category is this?

  14. Those quicks
    They’re as quick as japan’s

  15. 4 times straight the opposite player got the set at 1:03. Seriously?? What a joke…

  16. Bruno Villeneuve

    2:08 Wow 😮

  17. seems like uci lost a lot of their best players?


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