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Hey guys, ever go to the playground or basketball with your friends and don’t know what are some games yall can play? Well here we show you some of our favorite playground games that you can play with your friends! Here is pt. 1 of the video. Pt. 2 is in the link below!

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Fung Bros

Shot by: Tim Shiiba, Kevin Zhou
Edited by: Evan Yee
Video Rating: / 5

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20 comentarios

  1. In england we play H.O.R.S.E but with a football and it’s called ARSE 😂 not joking

  2. YourFellowSimmer

    In Iceland the knockout/bump/bumpout game is called Stinger.

  3. I known Bumps as lightning from where I’m from

  4. Knockout is called thunder

  5. Knockout… Isn't it called lightning?

  6. look at the bottom left corner at 1:23

  7. i have no friends

  8. we call that second game at our school "put-out"

  9. 3+1=4

    Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

  10. For anyone who wants to the song it's the Harlem days

  11. Rebekah Da Silva

    I call kockout, killer

  12. Does anyone know were theyre playing

  13. I play at school

  14. Billy Aaron Seaton

    who came here from for a horizon 2

  15. Are you the real magic johnson

  16. Bro 7 up is fun thanks nelly

  17. Duncan Mackenzie

    I'm gonna be playing 7up all the time now

  18. Awesome vid ….. No doubt he will hit 100k

  19. What if you don't have fruends


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