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How to Surf: What Beginner Surfboards You Need!

Step 2: You need to have the right equipment to help you succeed in surfing. Having the right active swimwear is all apart of the right equipment but you can still feel and look beautiful, shop our favourite pieces for surfing here https://www.mazarineaqua.com/shop-1/ Follow us on Instagram @mazarine_aqua – for more surfing tips and inspiration and don’t forget to share with your surfing friends.

With hundreds of products on the market, and when you’re new to sport, finding the right board for you can be overwhelming. A lot of women ask me what board they should buy because they want the best equipment that makes learning easy.

In this video I will run through the basic equipment that will support your learning experience and make the beginner stages more enjoyable. Once you understand a few key points, you will be confident to shop around for your beginner kit.

The board – A good quality softboard will have lots of foam around the rails, nose and tail to absorb the force if the board, in case it does hit you or someone else.

Look around for a soft board that has enough buoyancy, length and width to suit your height and weight and one you can carry comfortably.

Look on our site for our recommended brands, under our Product Guide tab.
Parts of the board are the Rails, deck, bottom, fins, nose, stinger. Including how to carry the board, leg rope. The leg rope stops your board drifting away when you fall off. It attaches to your back leg.

To determine your back leg, have someone push you gently and as you step forward, the foot that comes to the front is your front foot and the one that stays planted is your back.

Wax will help you grip to the board. Wax comes in a variety of different formulas to suit different water temperatures so just ask your surf shop, which is best for your local conditions. Apply a good layer of wax on the deck of your boards where your feet and chest will be positioned.

Bikini’s and Wetsuits – Wetsuits have come a long way and we lucky to have both functional and fashionable suits, to keep us warm, protected from the sun and they can make us feel great. Find something that will protect you from your local elements. In cold conditions you should wear a minimum 3/2mm or a 4/3mm steamer, with long arms and legs to keep you warm.

In warmer water find a suit or a bikini that helps support you in the area’s you need. Again, check out our site for our recommended brands. I highly recommend hiring a board before you go and buy one. You can then try a few different boards to get a feel for what enables you to surf your best. Remember, it’s all about making the learning process as easy as possible.

So there you have some key points for finding the right beginner equipment. If you need anymore help, please ask your questions in our forums on site and we’ll be happy to provide you with some additional tips.

We hope you have enjoyed step two, there are still four more videos to complete the six steps to surf sister video package. Happy Surfing

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  1. Didn’t discuss the right board lengths.

  2. Hello, I really like the look of that surfboard you have got in the video! Please can you tell me what brand it is? Great video xx

  3. What soft board did you use? And where do I get one???

  4. leg rope and natural footed? at least get the terms correct if youre trying to teach people!!

  5. Is 6,6 soft board good for me ? Cause I have been surfing for 5 years every summer and at some point I stopped I got this soft board and I don’t know if it’s good to easy surf

  6. Are you meant wax a gboard or a softboard

  7. Get you a 8 foot wavestorm, they’re cheap and super buoyant

  8. Michael Zakariaie

    Did she seriously recommend a board that “has a lot of foam on the sides” and “fits under your arm” and a wetsuit that “protects you from the sun, makes you feel supported, and makes you feel great”?

    There is practically not a single shred of actual information regarding boards or wetsuits in this video, not to mention useful information

  9. that ass just ruined my day

  10. https://youtu.be/NTjpIuuH8IE?t=134 best moment in the video when she is going to put it on her right foot instead of the left 🙂

  11. NavalSEALSniper & Sports

    Quality soft board? I’ve never got my own board before but cheap plastic is not quality. It’s like that for everything used in the outdoors. (Believe me, I’ve played football, baseball, and ran track my whole life. I also play airsoft in some off time.) Never have I called cheap flimsy plastic nice. I’m not even going to try to remember anything she said. Absolutely stupid…

  12. What type of board is this

  13. Jesus she just went over the top of that other learning surfer 😂

  14. Chris Daldy-Rowe

    Great instructions for begginers. Some comments are just moronic like Jules . Its for kids to start, not everyone needs to be a wanna be hero

  15. Candice!! Haha nonway. One50 Dance represent 🤙🤙

  16. Cosma Masha Mramba

    hello! am from Africa Kenya Coast Malindi, how can I get one long surfboard 8 like the one you have on your video I really like your video.how much to Kenya Malindi in ksh and how many days I get it thanks

  17. Your a fu*king kook

  18. Hi everybody, I'm a new surfer and I'm having trouble on what to get for a board I'm 5"9 and 140lbs please help:)

  19. I started trusting you from the YouTube pic lol


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