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Exploring Korea's Growing Indie Music and Surf Culture

Pro surfer Tipi Jabrik visits Korea to check out the burgeoning surf culture and find out how Korean Indie music is finally challenging K-pop.

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  1. 04:21 Se So Neon – A Long Dream💙❤️

  2. korean indie music is great. Dept, Wynn , George is also nice

  3. Proud Cat Killer

    The band playing with the girl guitar is called “se so neon”. They are really good. I think they just broke up this year. Check out their music on YouTube.

  4. Formless Persuasion

    I was very pleased to see Se So Neon in this video! 🙂
    Gotta check out more K-Indie! 🙂

  5. mantap bli

  6. The host looks like an Indonesian Eddie Bravo

  7. Finally

  8. ssingssing fck yea yewww

  9. Shoulda been called “Seoul surfers”

  10. Korean indie music is dope. I fully support any indie scene. Always support your local artist!

  11. anyone trynna learn Hangul? say where you from

  12. Micaela 미카엘라

    That's not too far from where I live, good to know.

  13. Man, that's such a good hoster

  14. does anyone have any music recommendations??

  15. Vice.. Really? Isn't this just a fckin Vlog? Didn't learn new shit. Every place that has a surf culture as long as it has beaches. Every place has an indie scene as long as there's big companies manufacturing music.

  16. The reason why punk rock and indie is barely shown in korea no is because of two asshole fans back in the late 2000s i think when they pulled that nude stunt.
    Indie was standing against maufactured corporate kpop with raw rtalent and good music back then, and then that incident just had to happen.

  17. So itaewon is like a small newyork

  18. Pro surfer my arse….

  19. Koreans are disrespectful missionary slaves of british imperialist

  20. Surfing is Hawaii’s gift to the world. It’s a multi billion dollar industry. 🤙🏼


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