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Paddle Boarding on Lake Powell

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  1. Hi, i'm going for the same road trip and your videos are amazing.. and i really want to do this paddle boarding on lake Powell, i didn't know about that untill i saw your video. Do you mind sharing some information about the pace you rent the board and how was camping there?

  2. Love the color style of this video!

  3. These movies are beyond entertaining. Lol!

  4. Phrase of the day: Turn BITCH !
    love you guys

  5. hey! awesome edit. Where did you camp exactly and what is the name of the canyon??

  6. The stars omggggg

  7. SOooo, I'm hooked on this trip/playlist… but what happened to Horseshoe Bend? Did I miss something? I can't seem to find that video…? HAALP!

  8. How in the good lord do you not have millions of subs favorite channel easily

  9. This is awesome! Does camping out in lake powell require a permit? Or is there a specific section authorized strictly for camping? Would love to know. I'm taking a trip out there next month.

  10. Wow bro this was a Crazy VLOG very dope!! What pic profile do u shoot in fam? Interested in buying your lut pack but before I do I would like to know that shit I want my vids to look cinematic like yours I use luts as well but this one is dope!

  11. Christian Carranza

    Towards the end it sounds like that one bottle did make you "lit" lol

  12. My man! Forgive me for waiting a couple days but i wanted to netflix it and wait til i could watch two back to back! Awesome one!

  13. Nice vids and editing, i really like your ending song for the 3 last update but i can seem to find it on spotify ?

  14. Another banger my man, your content is so addicting and your girlfriend is a trooper.

  15. Guillaume Besacier

    Ok… Always amazing bro. I'm french, i'm live in Paris and I discover you by Travis since few months. Youre the Best youtubeur… Keep it up !

  16. I love you two together! The banter reminds me of your parents and especially your dad 😋
    She's a keeper!

  17. You're such a patient boyfriend

  18. Good vid! Keep it up bruh 🤙

  19. "Are we having fun?"

    Just put this shit on Netflix and lets go son

  20. Yeah that water is ify for me 😅 i prefer land


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