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Sailing Komodo 3D2N and Labuan Bajo | 22-26 June 2017 | @livelyrutasty

Sailing Komodo for 3 days and 2 nights plus exploring Labuan Bajo for 1 day! This is such a great experiences!!! This was my first time to sail the ocean for quite a long time even though by the end i had a sea sick. Hahahaha..

Well, since there is no direct flight to Labuan Bajo from Surabaya, we have to transfer first in Denpasar Bali. Then it was already afternoon when we arrived in Labuan Bajo (Airport Taxi cost IDR 60.000 to hotel nearby, 1 car for 4 people and luggages), so we had to stay for a night there while we can also strolling around the city. Some part near the harbor of Labuan Bajo seems like walking around in Seminyak Bali, because there were lot of “western” cafes and also many foreigners here already. If you like to try that Kampung Ujung fish market, believe me you have to bargain and ask for cheaper price. Staying in Centro Hostel is not a bad thing at all, even the place is so narrow, they have a clean bathroom and also served some simple breakfast to fill out our hungry tummy in the morning before sailing.

Our sailing as you have seen in these video seems like we didn’t reach some of the travels spots such as Gusung Island, Manta Point, and other interesting parts. However we had already cover some best travel spots and i think we really need to consider the best season to go here. Because some animals are subjects to migration (for manta and also komodo). So basically on June and July is summer but may be is not really the best time to see those exotic creature. Well may be if you are lucky enough you may see it all. No problem!

Sailing for 3 days really need to take care of our health very well, take vitamin everyday is a must! On last 2 days on this trip i had a seasick! Hahaha.. Even the ship is quite steady but still we can’t cover the wind everytime. Anyway, this sailing trip cost around IDR 3,5 million all in (ticket, food and crews). It is quite expensive than the others trips you may found, well it was also considering due to high season.

Then travel around the Labuan Bajo area also quite interesting, visiting some hills and caves would be great. It cost IDR 300.000 for car rent including the driver since you may not driving here. Overall this trip is fun and hopefully this video can be your references for your next trip to Labuan Bajo^^

If you had any question and suggestion you may ask me here in the comment below. Come and visit my Instagram account here : www.instagram.com/livelyrutasty

Thank you and see you on my next vlog!

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  1. Ada yg punya info ttg booking privat tour sailing komodo island 3D2N?

  2. Judul lagu ny apa

  3. Keren nusa ku

  4. awesome. planning for this august


  6. Kimmy girl Luni girl

    3,5 mill per person? Or per boat? Tnks

  7. Sebastian Suanda

    Great vlog!

  8. total budget 3 days 2 nights berapa ya buat perorangannya? makasih

  9. suka manisnya.

  10. itu open tripa y

  11. Hi. Can i ask which company sailing trip that you took for your trip aroun komodo?

  12. kereen subscribe back kk, thanks yyo

  13. Alessandra von Piquet

    One of my greatest and unforgettable sailing time is in this national park with http://www.islander.io/sailing-komodo
    Such a dreamy experience, can't hardly wait to go back 💞

  14. bali victory tour, rental bus and car with driver balibus.net

  15. Nice adventure .. bucket list !
    I'll be there in feb 2019 ..

  16. Kak pas di kpal ny itu pravite atau open trip

  17. indonesia juara ya kak?

  18. Kak lagu menit ke 2.04 judulnya apa ya?mksh kak…

  19. Tempat yg oke banget buat liburan

    share video juga ya saiiling komodo https://youtu.be/NkeV9LbCKr4

  20. ngeditnya make aplikasi apa ya ?


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