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7 Football Clubs Owned By Companies

From Fosun International who own Wolverhampton Wanderers to Volkswagen who own Wolfsburg, HITC Sevens take a look at 7 football / soccer teams who are owned by companies.
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  1. Speechy Israelite

    This world is so sad , billions of dollars in football and yet still poverty still exist

  2. The Egyptian premiere league is basically made up of worker's teams.

  3. Wrestling Croatia

    WWE almost brought Newcastel

  4. Lepzig?

  5. 10 best skills of Lee Cattermole

  6. What about K-League's Ulsan Hyundai.

  7. What about INGOLSTADT and AUDI?

  8. Fernando Enriquez

    Doesnt audi own bayern or is it franz beckenbauer the older kits were better than todays kits red bull has bull sperm

  9. How have you managed to avoid any of the teams owned by gazprom

  10. Do worst ower of clubs

  11. Marshall D. Leon

    Leverkusen isnt really owned by bayer they are more like a sponsor by now Leverkusen is financially independent and in Germany you can’t sell more than 49% of the club so the club still has the most power not the „owner“ sorry that’s one of the reasons it isn’t Red Bull Leipzig but RasenBallsport Leipzig too sorry mate but I think you should have gone deeper in the topic the only german clubs who I’d say can be marked as owned are Hannover, Hoffenheim and Leipzig. VW doesnt do much for the club anymore since they have enough problems themselves and own less than 50% of the club same goes for bayer the clubs in germany who regularly get money from a owner are Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig and just maybe Hoffenheim and only in Hamburg Hannover and Leipzig the „owner“ takes part in the daily business and the politics of the club

  12. 1:04 they look like the mafia😅

  13. #Thepeopleschannel

    I have a suggestion that might make a for good video, 7 teams that were sponsored by video game companies.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  14. Surprised you haven’t done a Copa America or Gold Cup video yet

  15. Парвиз Азизов


  16. Juventus–FIAT

  17. All of them?

  18. Where are man united CHEVROLET

  19. U dident even say Man U

  20. Best XI – Good managers who were footballers


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