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Am I on the moon? Sailing Lanzarote and Fuerteventura – Ep22 – The Sailing Frenchman

Hope you guys enjoy the video. If you do, please suscribe.

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  1. Min 7, Wow 😍, boat ÷ drone = paradise

  2. You are such a bad ass. This was incredible.

  3. Wolfy's Adventures


  4. What do you do when you aren't sailing? It seems like you notice & enjoy the need to feel the hard ground as you run across it & the buoyant water while in your boat. That connection on the surface of the earth. How often do you sail? I'm a new subscriber. Thank you for sharing. I like the drone & the music, your good looks, nice boat. Would you prefer to travel with a woman or alone?

  5. this sailing must be tough

  6. bangonthedoortwice

    Was a great watch, your feet to tiller is inspirational jaja what was your night like too noisy or ok? I used to live in Corralejo, decided to learn to sail there so now I left and bought a cheap sail boat and plan is to do something like you and take her down from the UK, French canal route and pitch up near Lobos and surf the morning right hander! Then maybe onto the Caribbean, that's the dream still learning to sail though jaja nice videos, merci bogus !

  7. Mate i enjoyed a Lot all your vídeos, thanks for share It ! Nice images and pictures!
    I Hope that one day i'll be able to do some trips in my on sailing boat!

    Good luck in your journey!

    Also i would like to Know whats the name of the last song that plays in this vídeo, around 9:48 min.

    By the way, Very good that oppening song as well, from Brazil ( Baianas ) the one which starts the First episodes, nice touch.

    Cheers bro! All the best for ya!

  8. Sailing and trail running, no wonder I love this channel, I really like when you’re becalmed, you don’t instantly go to the motor, some channels never tack into the wind, they just motor in.

  9. You're the only channel I have ever subscribed to and felt compelled to comment. I have a Newport 30 sailboat and aspire to do what you are doing. Keep making videos please you totally have my support and thanks for the awesome videos. Lifetime Viewer here! – Jonathan

  10. very nice drone sunrise footage

  11. Jonathan Capestany

    hey frenchman, i been watching your videos which i consider quite interesting and i really enjoy you handle yourself, very impressive you can speak and talk 3 languages (maybe more)? anyways i have noticed when you stop at a city or an island you dont mingle or socialize, is that normal for sail boaters or you just don't like to make new friends.. anyhow wish you the best on your adventures. saludos desde florida

  12. Saw pretty much all your videos in single siting! I’ve had this very strong desire to travel by boat (something affordable) and your videos have only helped in (almost) making my up and I think I’m going to plan something soon! Looking forward to next update, good luck! 🙂

  13. guillaume stievenard

    j'adore vraiment tes vidéos. j'ai 15 ans et je rêve de faire un jour comme toi et explorer le monde. je tenais a te remercier car c'est toi qui me motive. en tout cas continue tes videos je les adooore ⛵⛵🤙

  14. Dude, your drone footage is amazing!

  15. Merci pour ce très beau voyage. Superbes vidéos. quelle caméra utilisez-vous?

  16. Superbes videos !! je viens de faire la serie ! c un EV100 ton pilot ? il tient la route on dirait !!
    j'attends la suite avec impatience. si je peux me permettre, tes vidéos gagneraient en stabilité avec une poignée stabilisée gyroscopique . Vraiment top le drone !

  17. Oh lobos is my favorite island

  18. Top UK Photographer

    Loving your travels – perhaps dial in some smoothing in your drone controls will make it really special.

  19. Thank you, I love your hair.


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