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SUP surf fins explained / How to videos

SUP surf fins are one of the smallest and yet most important pieces of equipment when it comes to surfing. And yet they’re probably the one thing that many surfers overlook or know very little about. Different fins can totally change the feel of a board. And knowing how your fins perform in the surf will improve your surfing too.

In this ‘SUP surf fins explained’ video we look at how the different shapes and designs of fins effect any board on a wave, SUP or surf.

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Riders :  Ollie Laddiman & Reuben Ellis

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  1. Good solid vid. The discussion of foil sounded backwards towards the end. Did you say the flat face of the fin is towards the rail? Wondering if I misheard or you misspoke.

  2. I CANT even

  3. Fernando Pereira

    really important aspect.
    Video very well explained 🙂

  4. Some thougts on this… Why are race fins more straight and wave fins curved? I've always learned that the backwards shape gives turning power in transitions between rails. Same in windsurfing fins; race, speed, etc are straight, wavesailing fins are curved, for turning performance. Also I'm a bit sceptical on you description of the foil/wing shape. Its not the curved area that gives lift. Its always the angle of the fin/wing. The purpose of the curve is to prevent stalling/spinout. The wider foil, the higher angle allowed before turbulence and stalling. The downside of the foil is drag and weight. Thats the main reason for assymetrical foil. Reduce drag, as the side fins are supposed to work only in one direction. Also the outer fins spins out easily as they work in the "wrong" direction, which aslo reduces drag and lets the inner fins with the correct desired angle have the main infuence on the board, effectively "turning off" the outside fins.

  5. I'm waiting for my 4'56 sides, 6 inches center thruster setup. My board is a 8'5 29 116 litres, I'm 83kg heavy

  6. Hi I tore a ligament in my shoulder a week ago and I'm desperate to get back sup surfing, I was just wondering if you knew any techies to make me ready for SUPing again?


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