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BOAT LIFE: A Day in the Life

Welcome to another special episode of boat life. Today we’re showing you a day in the life here onboard La Vagabonde. It’s been a while since we gave you a glimpse into our average day! So we fired up the cameras bright and early this morning to take you along for a sail, spearfish, a bit of work and cooking. I had a ball making this episode for you guys!! So I hope you enjoy it 😊 Love Elayna (and Riles).

Song Credits:
00:15 Wake Up – Adam Yoo https://soundcloud.com/adamyoo_music
01:51 Luís Trindade – Gods https://luistrindade.bandcamp.com/
04:45 Cold Shoulder – The Fabric https://thefabric.bandcamp.com/
07:14 Hugo – Slow Burning in a Dancing Room https://hugocottu.bandcamp.com

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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20 comentarios

  1. You guys should pick up kite surfing – would be amazing

  2. What’s the song at 1:37 ? It isn’t in the description and it sound like a killer Summertime cover.

  3. Nice Kalik!!!!!!! So jelly, love ya'll advenrures!

  4. Love this video 🙏

  5. I wish I could get my husband to do something like this!

  6. I dont even like the water but watching you spear fish makes me want to try it. Reminds me of bow hunting in a way. I use to feed my family with my bow deer mainly. Sure miss those days. Just cant pull the bow anylonger . And no one wants to take a wheelchair crippel out. It to darn steep where our deer live. Your liveing the dream. Thanks for the home movies of your life.you tube is so much better than tv.thats why i canceled my cabel tv. You tube is free, fits my disability ck. Better. Hope ya can for give me for being a free loader, i honestly can barely pay me own bills.

  7. 🤘👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  8. Staring Riley? Okie

  9. Whats the Guitar? Its sound amazing , btw thats a perfekt Life

  10. Say mate the camera didn't fall over it just tilted sideways jeje! I didn't snitch i just let him know Laina Lol!

  11. Carobinson Robinson

    What an amazing fabulous life!! Your both so blessed!

  12. Roberta Christeen

    does the woman do all the cooking

  13. Roberta Christeen

    you to make a cute couple

  14. Roberta Christeen

    is it hard to stick the fish under water

  15. Beati voi…mi portate con voi il prossimo viaggio?se vi serve un ottimo cuoco italiano….;)

  16. Michael Kucherov

    What size is that cat?

  17. She looks ready to pop aha

  18. You two! Beautiful video guys! I’m about to embark upon a live aboard story..albeit on a power boat, flybridge cruiser on the Noosa River to start. Being a complete land lubber I’m dipping my toes, but soooo appreciate the ‘living light’ philosophy and freedom you’ve portrayed…bravo! I know there’s daily challenges, but isn’t that life? Thanks for the inspiration!.

  19. It sucks that there is mosquitoes in the middle of the ocean


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