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Sailing means NO PANTS NO DEADLINES. We are back on the water again getting ready for a big race from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Tanga, Tanzania. buckle your seat belt for a wild sailing ride around Zanzibar East Africa episode.

Extended Version on Vimeo

Make sure to check out Vimeo for all of the footage that would have wound up on the cutting room floor. Be sure not to miss whole “Whale of a Tale”

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Video and Sound Editing by Simon Strehler

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  2. amazing film!!!!!

  3. Aubrey and Stef Your channel is absolutely Amazing! Best Sailing channel on Youtube at this moment. Your content, editing and "feel" is so great, we are loving it!

  4. No. 1 is best; that last one is too psychologically dark.

  5. omg you are the most beautiful female sailor in the world. Love your vids my friend.

  6. Your daughter is precious and you are creating great memories for her!

  7. Two peas in the pod.

  8. Haha, she got the wiggle going on the boat!

  9. I like all the different things you are doing, it is not just sailing.

  10. So interesting to see how people live there that are not rich. I never see anything like this on tv.

  11. Amazing wildlife, a true wonder.

  12. Can an old man get a wiggle?

  13. Another great video. Love you guys! I want to come cook with you!!!

  14. Corrie Van Velzen

    SET SAIL by VIBRANT ARM from Amsterdam!! Beautiful Theme Song!! https://youtu.be/5Thx3KSnvbY

  15. Wow, that conversation from 2:243:24 was as real as it gets. Stay safe. Bianca’s face was sad but the education she is receiving will make her a worldly woman.

  16. How to stay S A, be a Mexican!

  17. Lekker lekker. Varkenskop koken . Lekker man . Dutch language 😊😍

  18. Watch your back out there animals have value, people are worthless !

  19. Never heard it pronounced TANzania before, always hear it as Tanz ANIA, must be an African thing

  20. Eight Crows Media

    Good luck to you all!


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