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Ep 50 Cruising Sailboats: Amel Super Maramu vs Oyster 485 (Sailing Talisman)

We get a full tour of the Amel Super Maramu, a classic bluewater cruiser. This is the boat made famous by Brian and the rest of the crew on s/v Delos, and is much beloved worldwide. Of course we had to show off Talisman too.
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  1. very good review. i like the Amel but the oyster looked better inside. that may just be your finishing touches. anyway you would be happy with either.

  2. They make them in sloop version???

  3. Where is Talisman ?

  4. Nice video….. For value comparison I give the maramu the thumbs up…..There's just so many things I love about this Sail Boat…. Cockpit/Helm for 1… Looks so safe and comfortable especially for night passages…… Although after watching SV Delos's YouTube channel for a while now….. The maintenance on the Super Maramu is quite a lot to deal with….. I mean certain maintenance issues that are repetitious that shouldn't have to be is what I'm trying to say …… With that being said, The Maramu is a very fast and safe, Comfortable Blue Water World Class Cruiser. Your Oyster is also very beautiful. Thank you….. Signed new Subscriber.

  5. Carloforte. Nice

  6. Amel's master cabin has more headroom over the bed which makes it more sex friendly.

  7. Give me the Amel with the Oyster dinning area and galley.

  8. isn´t this the same boat as delos?

  9. amel nice boats but the s drive system can be a worry

  10. This boat is amazing and the people are maticulas how well take care of u can tell how she sead its dirty haha it was clean as a wistel and tidey

  11. Everyone talks about how "unique" the Amel's are. Other than the engine room, I'm not sure I understand why people call them a "love 'em or hate 'em" boat. Slightly different floor plan, ketch rig, neither of those is so unusual. Thanks.

  12. Gardner engines did cease production , but i use their rebuild facility Walshes that are in the old Gardner buildings so spares are available .

  13. This guy's into toys. Bigtime!

  14. His name was Henreeeee. Not Henray.

  15. You never mention the Nautor Swan 's they have been a benchmark for quality for years ?

  16. A very interesting tour. Thanks so much for giving your insights into these two fantastic vessels, I;ve learned a great deal from watching this and your earlier searches. I hope you'll keep on making these reviews for people like myself who are considering buying tinto the cruising lifestyle, you have a great way of showing those details many would overlook.

  17. Love the Amel the 55 and 64 are by far my favourite blue water cruising boats.

  18. Reference Elley Grey , Jib ,stay sail ,and 1000 sq ft square sail are electric , gaffs are alloy so very light , and a real engine room , with 2/10 kva generators and a beautiful Gardner 6LXBM main engine even a jaccusi under the after deck for five people !

  19. Have a look a Elley Grey a grp St.Malo pilot cutter replica from 1896 , delivered in 2012 built to cruise the world with speed comfort and safety better equipped better built stunning boat for a couple to cruse the world , and for sale

  20. Love watching all of your videos as you are very informative pointing out both pros and cons from your expansive knowledge. Have now subscribe enjoying the learning curve looking forward to further travels but more so the educational side of both life on board with your experiences of maintenance, upkeep on board and the constant work e.g. using the vinegar to keep the scaling down in the manual toilets. These small tidbits albeit basic and probably common knowledge to the experienced are like diamonds to the novice. Thank you again.


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