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Baby Josiah opens his NEW Kid Basketball hoop and plays J Funk 1 v 1

NEW Basketball hoop Jfunk and Josiah play one on one!

Please watch: “Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Activity CHOO CHOO with Caboose RIDE ON TRAIN with Tacks!”


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  1. I have moments like this with my 2 year old everyday and i hope that he always remember them. I'm trying to be the dad I never had

  2. Ashlynn Holmberg

    I’m 7

  3. Ashlynn Holmberg

    He’s only 3 years old

  4. Ashlynn Holmberg

    When my baby brother was little he had the same little hoop and he got a smaller one and my mom put it so high on the door and he keeped making it

  5. UI uudd

  6. Baby Josiah is so cute!! As in little kid

  7. he's so cute

  8. Jfunk and Josiah I like you got junior basketball set your ungrounded you guys can come to nevada in Las Vegas

  9. Josiah adroablo

  10. Josiah is so cute😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🙃🙃

  11. I think he is a good basketball player

  12. Dominiccruzz gaming123

    he’s good at it but he needs to work more not to be mean I mean I’m good but I still need to work on my skills

  13. 🇾🇪⚓️🚏⚓️🚤🚀🚀🍟🤖👔

  14. soooooooooooooo cute

  15. He cry so much the baby

  16. josiha is soooo cute 🐶🐶😉😉 🙇😺


  18. Im gonna break there ankles

  19. in is a show of


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