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Playing Golf With New Clubs Vs Old Clubs Feat. Brodie Smith – Challenge

Today’s challenge was one of my personal favorite mainly because playing with super old clubs takes me back to a generation of golf that I never got to be a part of! Hopefully ya’ll enjoyed the “Playing Golf With New Clubs Vs Old Clubs Feat. Brodie Smith – Challenge”
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20 comentarios

  1. Just filmed the match… who do you think won? Stephen or Matt?
    Coming August 10th

  2. Stephan low key carrying

  3. Matt ugine SHARK the 3 rd was carrying

  4. laugh a minute/second. Stephen is such a great golfer, put the rest of you to shame. Brodie should give that fiver back.

  5. stephen carried matt

  6. Alejandro Avalos

    Dude your content is getting wayyyy better

  7. Stephen's back my be sore from carrying that matt guy

  8. Team mosquilla or donquito should have been the name of Matt and Steven team. Steven needs to go back to 1 handed ha ha ha. But 2 epic 3wood shots on the last 2 holes

  9. Matt has been carrying Stephen

  10. Loving the content mate!

  11. 12:25 nose pick

  12. You could use the “oooo watcha say” meme

  13. Matt and I*

  14. The clubs r carrying them both

  15. It’s not a gm video without a mid editing cut for an update

  16. Paytonskittle Savoy

    Y’all need to play dizzy golf

  17. Mosquito Matt

  18. Matt makes the video jesus he cracks me up DO THE MATH GET THE JOB DONE

  19. Matt carried the team because any golfer knows that it all comes down to the short game. You can get it on the green in 1 or 2 but a 4 putt will kill your score


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