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The history of street skating

The history of street skating

is the hystory of Natas Kaupas


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  1. Isn't this from the Dogtown video? Mullen is the pioneer of "street skating " no matter how you put and seeing he is from Florida, means street skaters are from the East coast. Now, kick-flip these nutz…

  2. Skated in the 80’s. Can confirm Natas was The Man!

  3. "Smooth like Ruff."

  4. Ahh 1988! I was one of a few that had a pair of those etnies and they were great! I had the red and black pair. $65 if I recall.

  5. skate-roller,emilianortiz U.S.Chimalhuacán crew!!

    Sin duda !! El creador del skate actual !!! .. el padre del skate stret son o es la base de todo!!

  6. Lady cmon we're not destroying anythin we just skate to live thrash for exite

  7. Absolutely legendary

  8. Owned Streets of Fire in the late 80s and remember being blown away by Natas. Had seen pictures of him in a magazines before of crazy WTF things he'd do but watching the footage was transcendental to a young me then. That ollie onto a school table still gives me chills; those old boards were heavy and lacked the pop of boards these days. The best kids rolling down Wilshire Blvd would grab the board and jump onto small handrails to do boardslides; I remember the heated debates about the rumors that Gonz and Natas had actually ollied onto them. Many of us were 100% sure that it couldn't be done.

  9. Tyrone Koumoundouros

    Where do I get the Thrasher magizine videos from back in the day.

  10. dabrazillionaire

    Very good doc, i also recommend watching "OG: THE HARRY JUMONJI STORY" from 2017.

  11. The modern skatepark kids who think the 90s model boards are the only " true skateboard " and act as elitist and try to always call anyones who skate anything but a 90s skateboard are Posers and not true skateboarder need to see documentary like these ! In the 80 there was no 90s skateboard there was mostly what we call now " cruisers " " fishtale boards " and longboards of all sorts penny like boards

  12. why repost this video with a new title? :/ desperate for views..

  13. D'andre Chesterfield

    I wonder why they never mentioned Rodney Mullen but talked a lot about Gonz… Either way great doc!

  14. What does Natas spell backwards?

  15. James Churchman v

    this cat is dope as hell…h20 flow….but what trick was he trying that broke his ankle?

  16. Samuel Rodrigues

    Natas=Satan… Really?! People will find any reason to get mad at something they don't understand smh

  17. Unreal how influential Natas was to skateboarding but he still seems barely get recognized. Awesome dude though!

  18. Nasty Natas


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