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Kyrgios Edges Tsitsipas in Thrillride; Medvedev Cruises | Washington 2019 Semi-Final Highlights

Nick Kyrgios and Daniil Medvedev booked final clash at the Citi Open on semi-final day… Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament: http://tnn.is/YouTube

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  1. Kyrgios man plays his best tennis only when he wants to, and y'all need to be okay with that

  2. sampras kyrgios tsitsipas — Hellenes

  3. Afterschool Psychology

    Starting to think Kyrgios plays Top Spin 4 as part of his training

  4. honestly, i cannot stand kyrgios. his energy reminds me of connors. if he just plays, he loses. so instead he has to do all this ridiculous show boating, using that kind of energy against his opponent. it's the only way he can win. if he shuts up and just tries to let his tennis do the talking, he fails. sad testament to what will be left for us diehard fans once the likes of federer or nadal retire. ugh…

  5. Dimitri Patsikatheodoros

    Haters don’t want to admit that when Kyrgios is in good form he is more exciting to watch than the top 3

  6. Kyrgios is a delight both on and off the court. Whether its insanely delightful smashes or unbelievable angles on court or roasting toni nsdal, a smug and arrogant djokovic and cutting an arrogant nadal to size, kyrgios does it best. Brilliant tennis. Only sore rafatards and noletards ( who are ashamed to hear the truth about their stuck up idols) can dislike kyrgios. Inspite of paid media propaganda against kyrgios, he is loved by the crowd. 🤣😂🤣😂😜😝

  7. William R. Lavoie

    0:45 This is reminding me so much of Happy Gilmore

  8. Nick has been watching Dustin Brown with those drop shots that embarrassed Nadal at Wimbledon –years ago

  9. Isomiddinjon Abdusalomov

    He is a beast when he tries 🙌🙌🙌

  10. He's obviously very talented, but I can't stand kyrgios attitude, especially when he talks smack about other players. When he was playing wawrinka and said kokinakkis had banged his gf I lost complete respect for him and hope he retires now from tennis. There's no reason for anyone to hit below the belt to other players like that.

  11. Awosise Oluwaseun

    Kyrgios has a way of annoying his opponent 😂😂😂

  12. definitely has the talent, he needs to keep out of the shit

  13. ТурбоТОП

    i'm from the future. Kyrgios just won this whole fucken thing.

  14. Who else didn't even watch the second match highlights?? 😂

  15. Not a huge Kyrgios fan but I was cheesin’ this whole video

  16. @Shaurya Kapoor  yes yes yes . magic + talent = kyrgios. U dont know nothing about tennis. Kyrios Champ

  17. I wish Nick cared more because he could be at the very top with his talent

  18. Med is going to be the one,of the “Next Gen” players,to break through and win a Slam

  19. I dont care what they say about him (rage issues and anger problems) but I love Kyrgrios!

  20. When Nick Kyrgios takes the game half-serious.


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