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How to get your Captains License

This video covers in detail how to get your captains license. Their are four steps; 1) time on the water. 2) take a course. 3) pay the government. 4) get your application packet together. How to get your Captains License is for a mariner that would like to earn his/her captains license and needs to know how to get started.

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  1. BeHumble AndLove

    Does service as a deckhand on a cruiseship count towards days at sea?

  2. The brutal honesty is almost unbearable. The White board can go

  3. How much roughly would this all cost?

  4. The Adventure Travelers

    My link can help too: https://youtu.be/inpU7DjsyBY

  5. I ran out and bought a parrot for this? what a load of crap…

  6. Juan Diego Perez

    Do you need to be us citizen to get the license?

  7. The marker screeching is killing me

  8. Yo cool vid but I before e except after c. Thanks for the info.

  9. Does time on water have to be in the USA or other countries? Thks

  10. I'll sail that tanka…..but can you tell me how to spell receipt????

  11. Can I start this before I finish my 90 days?

  12. Is the audience supposed to be dumb? Why write everything and drag things down?

  13. Can a Non-American get this captain license ?

  14. Travis Shopelectronics

    What if I'm just trying to get my license for fresh water to take people on a airboat tour?

  15. Who logs the hours if you have a personal vessel?

  16. We just bought our first boat and started the LLC next the the hard part apparently!! wow I had no idea there were so many hoops to jump. I subscribed and liked it would be nice to get more subscriptions for my channel. We haven't started the boats channel yet but it is coming!

  17. If I’m in the navy how could I log my time while on the water

  18. I've heard that one should use a maritime log to track time on the water but how does the time on the water get verified and who verifies it? I've never worked on a boat but have owned boats and been on the water for more than 40 years. Great video, thank you.

  19. Is this a course somebody could take with the goal of being safe on the water, possibly doing a florida/Bahama small boat crossing?

  20. Are you exams approved by the International Maritime Organization?


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