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Skateboarding Is Pun

Skateboarding Is Pun

This video is full of dumb skateboarding puns, and is my first legitimate skit! I hope you guys do enjoy the video and thumbs up if you want to see part 2! Don’t forget to subscribe for videos every 2 days! Thanks yo!

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Previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9t9fsZXUjg

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20 comentarios

  1. Ayye i l0ve ur vids dude u shred.<3

  2. Dylan Chickonski

    "that's not even wheel bite dude" shit was funny

  3. Shitty acting, shitty video, shitty YouTuber

  4. this is amazing bro hahaha keep it up!!

  5. hey i live oahu in kapolei and waianae so fun skating here subscibe to my channel pplease

  6. Do more skits

  7. I liked it

  8. yu want some my general tso I can give it to you noww

  9. hahaha funny stuff

  10. I wonder how BOARD you had to be to make this. Well, it gave me a WOODIE. It was in good taste, I hope to see a part two. If not, like what the trUCK dude. I'm not sure many more I can squeeze out, I just need to get a GRIP. I'm sorry, I seem to ENJOI puns a lot. I'm just KROOKED and CLICHÉ. Alright, ill stop now before I POWER SLIDE more in somehow. Oh god, I need help.

  11. Fernando Mendoza

    Hahah sick

  12. this is best skit ever

  13. jk this one was actually alright

  14. I disliked 4 times

  15. So funny😂 hella props

  16. dude this shit is funny keep up with the good skits

  17. Francisco Marmolejo

    Miss you bro 😢

  18. this was funny af man make more

  19. this was funny af man make more


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