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Big Wednesday Surfing Hawaii SONY 4K

Big Wednesday Surfing Hawaii SONY 4K 01.25.2017 the usual local suspects trading off barrels & hoots fun day 6-8+ ft hawaiian scale Thumbnail By #DoomaPhotos Rider Oceam Macedo http://www.facebook.com/PureDigitalMedia http://www.instagram.com/PureDigitalMedia

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  1. …some musical variety would go a long way…great wave made boring…missing the cave

  2. Love puredigitalmaui

  3. JKL surfing was my Hawaii portrayal in my United States Portrayed by Spongebob video.

  4. 3rd time ive wayched this!
    Best bay footage ive ever seen! Nice work 🤙

  5. Paging expi paisly papi big papi chulo

  6. Diana gamer 777wigetta


  7. Diana gamer 777wigetta

    que guayyy

  8. Yellow man made sure 8 went surfing before all yall

  9. I'm the greatest

  10. Yellow man chief of not my chief queef

  11. Drums are from Asia orient too

  12. Who wrote 5he song Lucille baking not a white boy

  13. Sadly too say 199999990 soooky

  14. You need fins or don't you need fins look all 5he red neck girls who's Boots you've been knocked 3 hots and a rsb btw two broken ribs since 2006 yellomsn stupid 8ggybooo

  15. If your happy and you know it and your way wringer trying too be a rock star spooky peek aboo

  16. Who's taken egg grass wizard magician 100000 million huckabino miche checcc

  17. Sugar bloody bloody expi paisly

  18. Yellow man Desmond baker

  19. missing home! killing it boyz!


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