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NBA Breakdown Show | NBA X's & O's

In NBA Breakdown Show Episode 7 we dive deep into some X’ & O’s and look at the best sets from the games from the night before.

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Coach Pyper is breaking down NBA & NCAA games, sets, and plays that every team runs. Throughout these breakdowns we are all trying to get better as a coach, if there is anyway I can help, let me know!
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  1. Half Court Hoops

    I hope you guys enjoy this breakdown of some of my favorite sets from last night's games! I might need to shorten the videos and breakdowns due to copyright issues blocking them before they release – we will see!

    Also, at 4:38 I called Ante Zizic "Zubac" lol, my bad Ante!

  2. It's Ante Zisic who plays for the cavs, Zubac plays for the Clippers. Video is great, anyway. Hope to see more of x's and O's you put together


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