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VW Golf Mk7 Development – Testing Ground

VW Golf Mk7 Development – Testing Ground.

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  1. Peppino Acrivulis

    I have a Lot of noises when i Take a hole orte The Street is Not Good. ..many many noise

  2. VW should save their cash, bring their cars to Malaysia for testing. We have the worst roads here, guaranteed. And the worst drivers. Even the most reliable cars can be absolutely trashed here.

  3. Dismal handling compared to any Ford Focus.


  5. Time goes very fast. The test was held 5 years ago.

  6. 3 Jahre und ich bin zufrieden

  7. Es mejor HUYNDAI Y KIA 👍

  8. Oooh man, who doesn't love German engineering!

  9. , 💪💪💪💪💪

  10. kesinlikle gol

  11. Nayss

  12. Vinicius Martins

    In Brazilian roads too.It's so common see this holes


  14. The red one has in one scene halogen headlight. in other scene xenen. with the same licence plate! WTF

  15. 티구안마니아

    골프 가지고 자~~~~~~알 논다

  16. GOLF rides better than a Lexus is250 and very quiet to. Tight turning radius. Loving my red Golf. hate the name though

  17. 2:15 just the dpf regenerating bro 😂

  18. this is a fuckng joke.. I go through roads like these daily.. and my mk4 is lowered.. Go check how they used to test their cars before

  19. begin golf was beutyful but now after golf 4 is ugly


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