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3 Reasons to Use a Rain Cape for Bicycling – Clever Cycles

In this video we give you 3 reasons why you should use a rain cape! We also show the Carradice Duxback and Cleverhood capes.
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  1. Mine screams high vis, much more important than being the height of fashion

  2. Cape curios – love it!

  3. Cleverhood capes $249 https://clevercycles.com/cleverhood-rain-cape
    I bought my Kelty rain poncho for $11 it folds up into a pouch…
    Also no fenders on your bicycle, just means your cape will be soaked from underneath when you do ride in the rain.

  4. spinning nonsense

    Fair enough but your shoes are going to be wet in the rain.

  5. It's a poncho.

  6. I have a carradice proroute cape. 11 years now. Very nice. But wet weather is wet air. A longer trip I will be soaked. not from rain or splash, but from wet air. The cape is the way to go. very comfortable and makes riding in rain fun.

  7. And how about how the hood fits over a helmet?

  8. but won't the water get under the cape when riding?

  9. Where is your shop??Can you sent me a poncho??Love the Cleverhoods, are they one size only??Do they have also a taller poncho?Thanks!!

  10. LOL screaming cyclist … Like I care what people think of my gear

  11. I like the Cleverhood raincape, must be a great feeling to wear one.

  12. She seems like a nice girl, but that won't get me to spend that kind of money on gear, unless I can see it in action.

  13. I'm from the UK where capes were once very popular during the 50s to 70s, but I guess they fell out of fashion and are seldom seen now. I've always had one strapped to my seat post or in a saddle bag and I've been cycling since I was 7 in 1961. I currently ride a Brompton, use a military poncho for a cycle cape and put walking gaiters on to cover the top of my footwear in order to stop front wheel spray draining down my legs and soaking my socks.

    When I'm touring the poncho doubles as a tarp for a lightweight shelter, or studded together longways, a waterproof sleeping bag cover. However, the Carradice factory is only about 10 miles away from me and I think I'll add one of their capes to my wet weather gear.

    The only time I wear conventional waterproof clothing is when the wind is high and gusting as a poncho/cape increases my surface area, acting like a sail. This can be dangerous if a gust hits from the road side pushing you into traffic.

  14. I second Wendy, let's see an in-action video. Maybe talk about the thumb loops? I've found that I get better coverage if I don't use them so that might be a feature for people that aren't on bikes as upright as mine?

  15. Strange that they did not show anyone actually riding a bike while wearing that.

  16. love a good raincape! best way to ride in the rain!


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