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Victor Thruster F & Thruster Claw Badminton Racket Comparison

I managed to get my hands on a Victor Thruster Claw badminton racket to compare with my Thruster F. Both are 4U, G5.
You can check out my full review of the Thruster F here: https://badminton-coach.co.uk/9948/victor-thruster-f-badminton-racket-review/
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  1. Prannoy Noel Jada

    Hi Paul, your videos help me a lot. Though I have some understanding of the game, I don't know anything about the racket. Is there a video you made that can teach me this stuff

  2. Great video Paul! I’ve waited for this comparisson video to choose which thruster racket should I buy. Thruster BXR for the next video please 🙏

  3. Hi Paul, great video. 👍🏼 Question: Does the Thruster Claw have the same "Tri-formation" racquet head design (aerodynamic, sword, and powerbox)? Is the head weight of the Thruster Claw still near the throat of the racquet?

  4. Good video Paul. I enjoyed my brief hit with the Thruster F Claw with you and I hope to get them in the shop as soon as I can!

  5. Hi Paul always loving your videos thank you for helping me and pls keep it up

  6. Hey Paul, first off great video there comparing one of the newest Victor's racket. I would like to know would you be comparing Thruster F and Thruster Yin or has Victor not send you the Yin yet?

  7. Hi coach Paul, will you consider reviewing Mizuno rackets?


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