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How To Shoot A Basketball Better In Real Games!

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In today’s video Coach Rocky from I Love Basketball TV shows you how to shoot a basketball better in real games.

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20 comentarios

  1. You make shooting so easy!!!!

  2. What if you cant shoot 3 pointers

  3. we just need our girlfriend to be passer😁

  4. nice one

  5. Coach you have a free tshirt

  6. I have a game in 15 mins…

  7. Coach can you come to India

  8. bockarie mansaray

    Thanks coach rock

  9. How tall are u?

  10. Suphasit Patthanakuha

    Great drill. Just a quick note though, we all know you can shoot, no need to cut and edit videos of the shots you missed. Just make continuous video without cutting off the shots that you miss. Who cares if you miss, it's a drill and a tutorial video, we don't expect you to make every single shot like stephen curry. Even he misses.

    Editing the video and only cutting in the shots that you make just makes this video a bit less real. Just my personal opinion. I would've liked the video way more if you didn't cut out the scenes that you miss the shots.

  11. You made my game better than before thnaks coach😉

  12. How are you so good at basketball

  13. Coach look like Paul George

  14. Coach your shot is so pure!!

  15. i'm the opposite… i can't shoot out of games and hit those in real games lmao

  16. Sometimes you say the same thing over and over

  17. I need to learn how to dribble I want to became a better shooter

  18. Hey cocah Rock I am at my cousin we just play one on one I need your help I need more skill to improve my shot I beat him the first time when I keep making all my shot I was off guard the rim I was not looking at it I just keep on making three

  19. Gloria decardenas

    I like watching your videos because I’m needing help with basketball and your video teach me how to play basketball

  20. It steal not working


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