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#7 Nebraska vs #1 Stanford | Women Volleyball Championship 2018

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  1. Wish we have a women's professional volleyball league here in the U.S for every state. I don't see why not since this is a fast paced game and never boring and we get to have the finals too just like an NBA series.

  2. I occasional come back to watch this match just to be in awe of the legend that is MIKAELA FOECKE. I mean she had the nation's best blockers and libero against her and yet she put away those sets like it was nothing. And as for Plummer, she is extremely talented but much too passive. Mikaela could ignite her entire team just by being her badass self.

  3. 18:25 that play was beautiful

  4. christina vasileiadou

    who won tho

  5. I thought Lexi sun was on Texas team

  6. 1:39:07 that one instagram video

  7. morgan hentz is amazing they leave most of the back court for her

  8. 1:40:00 bruh tf was that💀💀

  9. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that tree 🙂

  10. HarryPotterStar7


  11. Plummer double taped and y’all didn’t count that as wrong like wtf

  12. I hate that Lexi moved from texas

  13. Ummm…. why aren’t the final points shown?? That makes me mad

  14. They bring it on themselves for wearing shorts that short

  15. 19:42 oh my goodness

  16. i was re watching the game and i was enjoying the beginning of the game until i saw the tree and remembered what Stanford put up in their locker room. what a shame, poor sportsmanship.


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